Transitional Mom Hair

This is why moms cut their hair. This is me a year ago with Vivien. It was kind of a Jennifer Aniston cut, but it had grown out and lost it’s shape so it sort looked like I was trying to do the rocker mom thing.

I try to appear in photos with Vivien only when I look half way decent. I love the pictures of my mom with my sisters and me. She is from a generation that made an effort to look good, no track suits, or jeans. I want Vivien to look back and say as I did, “Wow, my mom had style,” or at least, “She was cute.” If Whitesnake gains renewed fans, maybe she will.

Sex and the City

At my alternative school, about a quarter of the population hopped on the city bus and ditched to see the opening day of “Empire Strikes Back.” Now, there is a new movie event in my life: “Sex and the City.” Can’t wait. I have to see it at the first opening because I expect bad reviews, and I don’t want any thing to rain on my parade. I mean, reviews, hah! What do they expect? “War and Peace”? If nothing else I want to see the clothes. Take that, Napoleon.

Why I Loved Being Pregnant: Part Two

Hey, I came up with another reason. Now, did you guess, “I love to waddle”? Or did you guess, “It’s fun comparing your swollen feet with those of other pregnant ladies?” Or perhaps, “My breasts look like a porn star’s!”

All good guesses. But in this video, I chose to concentrate on another great by-product of being pregnant. Although now I think of it, I could have done one on, “Act crazy and mean and people will forgive you.” (Catch up on Part 1 here.)

This “Lost” Star Is a Cool Mom

In my job as one of the hosts of “The Fashion Team” on TV Guide Channel – or, as I like to call it, “deep cable” – I meet various celebrities. One of the great aspects of motherhood is the insta-connection you can make with people of all stripes. Between takes on my show, it’s best to chat with your guest, get to know them, make them comfortable, distract them so they don’t notice it’s taking 20 minutes to set up a shot. Some are more fun than others.

Elizabeth Mitchell, “Juliet” on “Lost,” was a recent fave. We all loved her. I remember her from 10 years ago as Angelina Jolie’s girlfriend in “Gia” (hot!). It took us about 10 seconds before we were chatting about our kids, who are only a couple weeks apart. Mitchell’s not a Hollywood mom; she lives in Hawaii for the show half the year, and Seattle is her homebase and she doesn’t have a nanny. Her husband and relatives help her out. Love a Mister Mom!

I asked her what’s one of the beauty rituals that’s gone out the window with motherhood. She said, “I’m doing it.” She said she only puts nail polish on the toes that peek out of her pumps and since she doesn’t wear those much (for motherhood or “Lost”), she doesn’t bother with a full pedi – it’s outfit dependent. Good tip! (No pun intended.)

She gained 70 pounds with her pregnancy. Wow, that’s a lot of girl. She is tall so she could carry it better than I – I would have been a perfect circle. She’s lovely now, so I asked her how she lost it: “Nursing and running.” We chatted about how nursing peels off the pounds. I have the knees of 60-year-old, so the running isn’t happening for me anymore.

I asked her if I could quote her on my blog. Being Ms. Perfect, she said (paraphrasing), “Oh, yeah, I think motherhood can be really hard, all that goes with it, and I like to demystify it.”

I gazed at her, “You had me at the toenails.”

Hello Knuckles, My Old Friend

Our snake Knuckles died today, and I am the only one that cares. Knuckles was my stepson Oliver’s snake; he bought him when he was a little boy. But since I’ve been in Oliver’s life, he hasn’t cared much for Knuckles.

Vivien and Knuckles the snake

A few years back, Knuckles shed his skin. Oliver looked at him and said, “This is the most exciting thing Knuckles has ever done.” Snakes don’t fetch or cuddle or lick. A nice Albino corn snake, Knuckles just wanted to be warm and hang out. Don’t we all.

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Why I Loved Being Pregnant: Part One

There are so many upsides to being pregnant. Number one, if you aren’t working, you can say it’s cause you wanted to take time off for for your baby. I know a lot of struggling actors who wish they could say they are on maternity leave. Better than “I haven’t booked in months and can I take your order?”

Number two, Hispanic men are so nice to you. Not that they are mean otherwise, but there is a great child-centered, mom-loving aspect to the Latino culture that I benefited from, living in Southern California. Other types of people would let a door swing shut as I waddled up in a caftan and flip flops, but not a Hispanic man – they would hold that door.

Now, we know with pregnancy comes fatigue, swollen limbs, and weird rashes, but in this video I present my favorite by-product of being with child.

My Kid Looks Better Than I Do

How many times have you felt like your kid looks a lot better than you do? Could be almost every day. But it really hit me today. Here she is wearing a great dress we got her in Paris, and I am dressed like a slob. I had exercised, but really it’s not an uncommon outfit for me to wear when I am not working.

Daphne in workout clothes, Vivien in a dress

Mommy clothes are either working out clothes, the horrendous mom jeans, or the flowing skirt/dress thing. We went to our Rock Toddler music class and a mommy friend was there in the flowing dress look. I think that is the way to go. Especially in the summer. Comfortable, no tushy showing, still feminine.Cause sometimes I see moms running around in their faux workout clothes, and I am seeing outlines of a body that shouldn’t be showcased. I think, “Oh God, that is me!”

Partly it’s fashion by sleep deprivation, but now that I get more sleep I think I could pull it together. Do I really need to be this casual in order to parent? Do any of us? It feels like it, but maybe we all need a paradigm shift.

Dining with Kids in Tow

Remember when you used to meet your girlfriends out to try a new restaurant? Or you would have a couple of cocktails after a movie? Yes, good times. Well, the easy going times out where you don’t worry about how much the sitter is costing may be gone, but I refuse to totally surrender my love of going out to restaurants. Granted, I have to if I want to see my husband since he owns a restaurant and works a lot. Even though he is the chef I still need my daughter to behave so as not to scare the paying customers off. So, I have summed up my helpful hints for dining with the little ones. It’s not the same as dining with your gal pals, but it’s great to be out and be served!

Baby Mama

Yum, yum, I love a female comedy that actually makes money. Women in comedy have always been told they are not funny, that no one wants to see a female lead comedy. Well, as Tina Fey said, “Bitches get things done,” and she and Amy Poehler did it. “Baby Mama” was number one at the box office last weekend.

I never see movies, since I feel guilty leaving my kid or I’m too tired. But I just played hooky and saw it. Loved it! All that talk of getting pregnant made me want to be pregnant. Of course, Fey making out with Greg Kinnear also reminded me of how fun it is the first time you have sex with a new boyfriend. Hmm, being pregnant or shagging it up with dream-boat guy? Which would you rather do?

I give “Baby Mama” two pacifiers up!

Food Fanatic Moms

I was at a kiddie party this weekend that totally proved my thesis on this one. All the little kids were sitting around the little table outside after the birthday girl had blown out her candles. And as children around the world know, after the candles it means cake time! Unless of course your mother is a nut.

So, one woman started to hand out cake and ice cream to the kids who were patiently waiting for their treat. After she placed it in front of a particular 4 or 5 year old girl, the girl’s mother comes running over “Oh, no, Debbie, oh, no!” She fluttered around holding the paper plate aloft with the sweets looking for someone to had it back to. I stared for a minute, trying to figure out what she was flapping around about. When I figured it out, I offered to take the plate from her and I gave it to my daughter.

Debbie looked forlorn as the other kids stuck their fingers in their food. She was beat down, she’d been through this before. The mom came back and handed her daughter a piece of cookie the size of half of my pinky. Ironically, Vivien ate one bite of the cake and two spoon-fulls of the ice cream and then left the table for the jumpy house. I nudged the woman who had been handing the plates out and she said, “That women is going to give her kid an eating disorder. I went to medical school and that’s what they told us, because those kids never learn to regulate their own eating.”

Food-controlling-mom wasn’t done making it a special day for her offspring, “Here, Debbie, here’s your treat,” as she placed a plate full of cut watermelon in front of sad Debbie. One mommy friend said, “She shouldn’t even take her kid to a party if she can’t have the cake. That’s the deal, kids at party get cake.” That’s what I thought.