Dining with Kids in Tow

Remember when you used to meet your girlfriends out to try a new restaurant? Or you would have a couple of cocktails after a movie? Yes, good times. Well, the easy going times out where you don’t worry about how much the sitter is costing may be gone, but I refuse to totally surrender my love of going out to restaurants. Granted, I have to if I want to see my husband since he owns a restaurant and works a lot. Even though he is the chef I still need my daughter to behave so as not to scare the paying customers off. So, I have summed up my helpful hints for dining with the little ones. It’s not the same as dining with your gal pals, but it’s great to be out and be served!

6 thoughts on “Dining with Kids in Tow

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  2. hey, thanks for the props. If I make someone smile I’ve done what I can for humanity. Well, and recycle.

  3. Funny how you do exactly what I do, well almost, Daphne. Although, when I go out, it is with two babies. So, I have twice the fuss, twice the whining, twice this and twice that.

    That is why, I mainly stay home with my 2.5 year old toddler twins.

    Great website Daphne. Only wish I had your CoolMom persona.

    God Bless!

  4. thanks twice babies mom. I can’t imagine what you go through with twins. A friend with twins said she didn’t take them out in public for a I think 3 years! well, you know, adult places.

  5. Daphne,

    I can’t imagine not going out! We don’t have twins, like your friend, but we’ve got Irish twins. They’re 18 months and 7 months, and yes it’s hard – but it’s doable. A little planning ahead helps; making sure they’re hungry, and rested.

    Incorporating a little family help works too, and it’s a great opportunity for everyone to get together.

    And distractions are key. Bringing toys, like you mentioned, drink cups, snacks, etc. Just like any other dance, all you gotta do is learn the steps.

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