I Hate This Book

When my daughter Vivien was about a year, she really loved The Chicken Sisters. I had to read it all the time. One day I hid it. It was gone for weeks and I was relieved, but her sitter found it and put it out again. But, like a relationship that has weathered a fight, I fell in love with The Chicken Sisters anew. This is my tale of a grown woman reading rudimentary literature.

6 thoughts on “I Hate This Book

  1. I used to hear you with Dr. Dean and when you left a steady job for the very competitive field of stand up I held my breath. And from Doc says, sounds like you did it! Good for you.
    Today he spoke of your being a mom and told us of this website. What a darling little girl. We have a 4 yr old in the family, so I can relate.
    I look forward to checking your website. I am so happy for you. Love, Otty

  2. Daphne —

    Your site keeps me smiling. Thank you. I really liked “I Hate This Book.”

    I can sooooo relate. My four-year old now knows when I intentionally skip pages of her favorite book, Good Mousekeeping. I used to love this book; then I hated it and now I like it again. Here’s what happened: Just when I thought I’d be finished reading to her, and I’m ready to go to sleep myself, she’d say, “Again Mommy. Pweeeeeez.” Or, when I’m in Starbucks with my friends, that same book has to be with us in the car so she can flip through the pages. And, she wouldn’t leave me alone until I read it to her once we get there. I gave in to the meltdown she had after I hid the book for a few days. BUT, I now have a solution – and it isn’t pain killers. I found a page from that same book as an audio book AND a video book on You Tube and then was directed to a site that has the complete audio and video of the same book. She can now hear and see it whenever she wants and I can have (some of) my life back -when I want..

  3. Try “Pigs Can’t Fly” that one always amused me. Until I read it 1000 times. In fact, I’ll just go ahead and send you our copy! 😉

  4. Love this site. So glad I found it on dooce.

    In my house, my husband is the Czar of bedtime, so he does most of the story reading. (As I am a preschool teacher, I read stories FOR MY JOB, and I don’t mind letting him do it most of the time at home.) He is incredibly picky and demanding about children’s literature.

    “I hate Jan Brett,” he says.

    “Jan Brett is wonderful, ” I say, aghast. “You can’t hate Jan Brett! Children love Jan Brett. I do Jan Brett month every December in my classroom!”

    “I hate Jan Brett, ” he repeats. “Never bring her into this house again.”

    So I have two solutions. One is I go to the library every week for new books. My husband and my two sons are always desperate for new books and I must away to the library to supply them. (I keep up with websites that review children’s books and request all the ones that sound good on my library’s website, so when I go in each week, I’ll have 10 or more books waiting for me.)

    My other solution is to buy very funny books. Snarky, hip, funny books. Hubby loves those. So do the boys. Here’s a few of our favorites:
    Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!, Mo Willems
    The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog, Willems
    Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!, Willems
    The Pigeon Wants a Puppy, Willems
    Knuffle Bunny, Willems
    My Friend is Sad, Willems
    I Will Surprise My Friend!, Willems
    Punk Farm, Jarrett Krosoczka
    Slide Already!, Kit Allen
    Traction Man is Here, Mini Grey
    Scaredy Squirrel, Melanie Watt (the 2 sequels are almost as good)

  5. I pick my kids’ books based on the number of words per page–too many words takes way too long at bedtime–sorry, Angelina Ballerina! I have also used the skipping pages technique to speed up the process, but unfortunately they catch on at a certain age…

    Oh, and Ezra Jack Keats books are wonderful and remind me of my own childhood–they were favorites then, as well! (They also fit into my word per page rule)

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