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Older moms can so relate to the first few minutes of Baby Mama when Tina Fey’s character talks about how by concentrating on her career she will be the oldest mom in preschool. Her character is 37, which in my daughter’s circle would make her one of the younger moms. That’s right old moms, we are not alone! It’s a little painful when you do the backward math and realize how old a child of yours would be if one resulted from when you were first sexually active. Oh, well. Here’s my ruminations on not being a child bride.

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  1. HAH! Yep, that’s me! The oldest mom of all my mommy friends. The oldest mom of the preschool moms. When I complain to my husband that they often can’t relate, he reminds me, “Honey, there’s a TEN YEAR DIFFERENCE.” ACK! Ten years!

    I’m really loving your blog, BTW. I relate to all the posts so much.

  2. It’s definitely not fun to feel like I could be the mom, or at least the much older sister, of some of the other moms in our circle of friends….for sure.

  3. Ok, that was so funny I just laughed out loud and hope I did not wake up my three boys that finally went to sleep! I am an older mom with squeeky knees who is happy to have all the fun stuff behind her… But would also be happy if I had the energy to keep up with my boys. I had to hire male babysitters JUST TO COME AND PLAY WITH MY BOYS….

  4. OMG. My TMZ addiction has been officially replaced by my coolmom addiction. Love it. I have 3 boys…17, 10, and 2. Yah..yesterday I went to sign up my oldest for summer school..(what? math isn’t his forte’.) Anyhow..while I was there this girl behind me goes, “Oh my God! That girl’s so old!” Ok, so maybe she thought I was a really really jacked up 20 something who needed my high school credits or something, and not someone’s mama..but still. RUINED my day. Would it ruin yours? Or would you take it like, “YAY! They thought I was in high school!”..but just looked haggered…*sigh*. My son tried to make me feel better by saying that 2 gang bangers in his class asked for my number. Ick..so much for those dreams of going back to high school with “what I know now”…Trust me. It still isn’t cool.

  5. Jennifer, thanks so much. Okay, that is one of those moments that you think of what to say later. But, you can’t let get you down as you being in high school would be like “strangers with candy”. I would hope I would be quick witted-not that I would- enough to say, “yeah, but I’m really stupid.” Almost as stupid as someone who would think I could go to high school!

  6. I get jealous of older moms. When I walk around with my kid I can just see people thinking I had a Lifetime Original movie moment, “16 and pregnant.” It doesn’t help that i look much younger than I actually am. Sometimes I wear fishnets and minis just so church folk give me cake and sandwiches.

  7. Older moms are so the envy of us! Yeah we have more energy, but we use it to drive ourselves crazy trying to cram in a “twenties lifestyle” with the “mom lifestyle”

    I definitely see the benefit of having kids later, but wouldn’t change anything. I think I really needed this kid to get over myself.

    That commercial where the bride has all the obstacles getting down the aisle is on. For some reason I just love this commercial, it fascinate me. ADD moment.

  8. I Love this site! Older moms rock – and roll! (Am I showing my age??). When I became a mom for the first time (and I was lots over 40) my standard line was that I was planning on handling the teenage years by having Alzheimer’s. My son is going to be 13 Monday. … Actually, I am the author of “But I Don’t Feel Too Old to be a Mommy” A Complete Resource for Older Moms (and write a syndicated parenting column, “Parenting in a Nutshell). Check out my book at http://www.amazon.com/But-Dont-Feel-Too-Mommy/dp/1558748288 .

  9. Doreen that sounds great. can’t wait to read it. And funny line.
    I must be showing my age too… I use “groovy” as a part of normal conversation. grew up with the Brady’s what can I say!

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