Eyelash Curler: A Cautionary Tale

From my world o’cold I’m swimming in, I must depart this word of warning for the multitasking mom. My sister Cecily was curling her lashes Thursday, getting ready to meet us out for a girl’s dinner. She decided to multitask, also known as sitting on the can while curling said lashes, but she stumbled. The result? Half her eyelashes are now gone from her left eye. A clear chunk o’ lash is missing. When will it return? Who knows?

(Here’s Cecily with Vivien, eyelashes intact.)

She said it doesn’t hurt, but sometimes it’s better to take the 3 seconds to complete things. When something like that happens to me, I always think I dodged a bullet. That it could have been worse; I could have been distracted and in a hurry and plowed my car into a tree. So, don’t stop making yourself pretty, just do one thing at a time. That’s my takeaway.

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