My Friends Hate Me

I love the “it takes a village” idea. It’s the way to go. But, sadly my village is just too spread out for me. No wonder there are moms who get depressed or start drinking – it can be isolating. In fact when I was pregnant, my number one fear of being a mom was that I would be home at night with a tiny person who I couldn’t banter with and only the glow of a TV set to keep me warm. In a nutshell, that I would be an isolated woman. Little did I know one day I would start to embrace this.

5 thoughts on “My Friends Hate Me

  1. Isn’t it much harder since you live in LA, right? Just getting to the store can be such a draining chore!

    I find I only hang out with friends in my “zone.” If they live in the city like I do, then we can be friends. If I have to drive 20 mins out of my zone, forget it. We can’t be friends unless you come to my place.

    It’s just too hard to coordinate with three kids and nap schedules and my overall lack of motivation and energy to do anything beyond my back yard!

    And PS, I would LOVE to hear your red carpet stories!!

  2. Before baby, I would have gone crazy staying home every night watching TV. Now it’s all I do, and usually happily. I’m just so tired after caring for a toddler all day. And when in the past I have tried to make plans with my friends, I either get a no from those with kids, or frustration from my still single friends due to my limited windows of free time . So it’s easier just to do nothing. I keep wondering if someday I’ll get a social life back.

  3. Oh, Mel I hear you. In my head I am still a social person. This was my number fear when I was pregnant that I would become isolated. I live in an urban area, walk to stores, so that helps. But, it’s really easy to put. I think last minute is best. Plans seem so hard.

  4. That’s what weekly classes are for, like gymnastics and tennis and open gyms. It’s worth it to show up each week, and in some sense lead a social group, because all these moms need you more than you realize. And that doesn’t even count the ones you haven’t met yet.

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