C-Section Lingerie

Where were these when I needed them? Cool, hip, pretty panties for that wretched, post-C-section time of your life. (Props to commenter Jennifer from the Older Moms vlog, who’s behind this smart design.)

Czela bellies  C-section panties

After my C-section, I didn’t know what to expect. Some rebound more easily from this event. Not me. I was in pain, uncomfortable, hobbled around – I’m not a quick healer. In the hospital they gave me white mesh panties to wear. They were large, but comfortable. I had two pairs and I washed them over and over again. They became like my Linus blanket. They wouldn’t hurt my stitches and made me feel protected.  I also had a big pregnant butt, so cute little panties wouldn’t have fit anyway.

If you are going under the knife for birth, I would suggest checking out these cute panties. Now if they could just do something about that awful IV…

9 thoughts on “C-Section Lingerie

  1. I had a vertical C section from pubic bone all the way up to belly button. Emergency C- placenta previa baby. The mesh undies kept getting caught in my staples. I had the same cut a few years later when an ovary was removed. Do these things happen to the under 25 mama crowd? Because my stomach looks like a front butt now!

  2. I just had my first child November 10th and it was an emergency csection…it does happen to the 25 and under crowd..lol. Im only 21 and I also have a butt in the front. I would have liked to of known about these panties during recovery….No fun!!

    • have 2 kids-both were C-section-first was emergency as his cord was wrapped around 3 times-would have liked to have known about the cpanties then and still do as the hair that grows out of the scar drives you nuts and none of the underwear out there stay in place-ps-my kids are now 11 and 16!

  3. I was under 25 with my first c/s, and I had a vertical scar and “front butt,” too. Charming. I had to wear granny panties that went up to my belly button for over 2 months. So very hot. Can you design some cute undies for a vertical incision? Because I’m going to have at least one more!

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