Mommy Gossip

Moms rarely every gossip about clothes or anything men see as the sport of gals. It’s worse – we are judging your parenting. The mommy judge brain is always sizing up the children and their parents, especially those that moms who never come to their kid’s classes or extra curricular activities.

Look, sometimes those classes are dull, but I really like seeing how Vivien grows and develops. And since I put her in dance class, I think I have to make an equal commitment to it. Unless of course I am staying home to make mad, passionate love to my husband. Huh, psych!

5 thoughts on “Mommy Gossip

  1. Wow, is this what your life has become………….. really bad ……….. Let yourself have a life. Get your husband to watch the kids every now and then and get out. These videos are really a wast of your time. I just happen to be looking for some good information for my wonderful wife and found these videos on itunes. I took a look and felt really sorry for what I can see has not been a very good life for you the last several years. Hope you get your life together and find a good use for it.

  2. Daphne, ignore the comments from the morons above. I totally agree with you, a flunky is fab for those irritating household/work related things in life, but shoving your kids off on one all the time? Kinda shameful if you ask me. All the best to you and your family.

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