4th of July

I love the 4th of July even though it’s rarely the way I dream it should be. I want Mayberry. I want a little parade with dogs and flags. Lemonade and humidity. Then fireworks that are easy to see and where everyone goes, “Ooh, aah!”

Canada Fireworks 3
Creative Commons License photo credit: [Crewe]

But I live in California. In my youth we had the Culver City fireworks display at the high school, which was kind of hassle, as I recall. I liked shooting them off on our street, back when that was kosher.

In San Francisco, it’s too cold for a BBQ, it’s not cool to be patriotic, and the fog is so thick at night you have to be right down on the Embarcadero to even glimpse the fireworks.

In LA, sometime we’ve had nice BBQs at my sister’s or mom’s. But no parade or fireflies.

This 4th, we are returning from our Yosemite trip and I am already bracing myself for the lack of Aunt Bee this year. I need to get a new flag, probably break my dad out of assisted living, and fire up the Weber. My sparklers will have to be my show and my humidity.

How do other people spend their 4th?

One thought on “4th of July

  1. We didn’t do much – grilled and ate in the backyard. Thing 1 and Thing 2 were both asleep long before the fireworks would have started, had we been able to see them through the clouds.

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