Step Mommies

From time to time, it’s good to hear from a mother wiser than myself – my mom!

My mom, Morency, not only raised three girls but has run her own small private school for close to 30 years. She deals with kids who would otherwise fall through the cracks, so I think she has a lot of insight.  Since I am a step mom, I wanted to ask her about the step parents she has known through the years.

Anyone who has had that job knows it can be a little dicey to navigate. And I am lucky. I never had the ABC Afterschool Special moment I thought I would have, a step child running down the hall, screaming, “Leave me alone, you aren’t my mother!” as they slam the door to their room.

10 thoughts on “Step Mommies

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  2. Your mom is a sweetheart – but I would welcome more discussion about stepparents. I’m not one, but have (and have had) a few. Coming from the stepchild’s perspective, I think a stepparent can be a positive influence in a child’s life if the stepparent is coming from a place of love for the child. Step relationships can be very complicated – jealousies and insecurities of both the adult and child involved and also the relationship between the divorced parents. There are often time-sharing and money sharing issues as well. This vlog was interesting to hear a teacher’s perspective on stepmoms being in tune with any issues with a child, but there so much more to mine!

  3. I am a teacher and a stepmom. Truthfully, my role as a parent and stepparent impacted my teaching more than any single thing in my life. On the other side of it, my teaching has impacted my parenting.

    I don’t think I believe that there is any one way that a stepmom should function in a family. Each family and the needs of its members vary too greatly.

    The key is to find what works best for you and is best for the kids. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a magical answer for that?!

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  5. its really tough to be in a blended family, and its really a big deal to have people around who would support and encourage you in your role as a step mom.
    I had other people help me with my blended family. Good for you, you have your mom to count on to!

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