How Much Is a Tooth Worth?

Remember that feeling of tugging at your loose tooth? It was in the soft tissue of your gum, hanging by a thread. It’s great how not self-conscious we are at that age. Actually almost eager to have large gaps in our mouths. If an adult has gaps like that, they are a hillbilly or a meth addict. But a pretty good whistler. So here I ponder a question of adulthood. How much do you pay off the kid for losing their little tooth?

5 thoughts on “How Much Is a Tooth Worth?

  1. Bummer – the video is cutting off at about the halfway point right after you say your step-son was “about 10 or 11.” I watched a couple other videos to make sure it’s not me. And I’m sorry to tell you that it’s not me – it’s you. 🙂

  2. Hi Daphne,
    When each of my three kids lost their first tooth, we gave them an item that they had been begging us for…each item is so dated now that my husband and laugh: my 12 year old daughter (she was 6) wanted her own personal CD player, her brother now 9 (also 6 at the time) wanted a game for his Gameboy and her other brother who just lost his first tooth last year at 6, asked for a Webkinz. We probably should have bought them each a barrel of oil!

  3. Is that a Jingle Bear to your left? When my sister and I were little, for Christmas, my Dad, sister and I went to The Broadway and got my Mom some perfume and we got that Jingle Bear for free.

    Boy do I miss The Broadway.

    God Bless!!

  4. sweet lord.. $10 .. wow I may start knocking my own teeth out..

    My daughter is 2 so no worries yet, but I figured 50 cents to a $1. how cheap am I? I must be way behind the times. Better start saving now..

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