Brooke Burke Visits The Fashion Team

As is so often the case when I meet a really skinny and beautiful mother of four, I wanted to find something about Brooke Burke to dish on. (Actually, I don’t know if I have ever met a skinny, hot mom of four.) Alas, she was very nice, professional and down-to-earth.

Brooke Burke and Daphne Brogdon on The Fashion Team

She was a guest yesterday on my show, The Fashion Team. I am always slightly fascinated when a woman who has had multiple babies still has a fab body. But she started with one, so there is that. Brooke also swears by her Taut, one of the products she has developed for would-be or new moms. Basically it’s like a girdle that you wear after giving birth, for 40 days. I said, “Isn’t that uncomfortable? I think it would make me even more cranky than I was.” She said she would take it off to nurse or if it was bugging her, but she believes it helped her get her figure back.

Her fourth child is 4 months old, and Brooke looks good. Almost as impressive was that she didn’t have that super-haggard look I associate with myself and other new moms. I was trying not to be obvious as I scrutinized around her eye and barely saw one line. She said having four kids is a challenge (and three isn’t?).

I asked her how the older kids dealt with a new baby, since I often wonder how I would handle that if I have another. She said she tried to make the older kids feel that the baby is theirs, too. Letting them hold it and if they are not holding it properly don’t yell at them, just change the holding in a gentle way. Sounds good to me.

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