Bye Bye, Bottle

Look, she ditched her binky a long time ago, but she isn’t toilet trained and she still likes a bottle at nap time, bed time, and sometimes to ease a cranky mood. This video is about me trying to wean her off the bottle. I was NOT successful and have given up of late. If anyone has words of wisdom, lay it on me.

Since I nursed till she was 2.2 and now she is 2.10, it should be no surprise that I am slow on this stage as well. Oh God, and don’t get me going on my lame-ass, lazy toilet-training. Hoping her new school can help with that one.

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  1. Oh Daphne, don’t hate me. I’m one of “those moms” who as soon as the kid turns 1, the bottle is tossed out. They get their last drink from the bottle the night of their birthdays and then HAPPY BIRTHDAY no more bottles. The next day, the sippie cup is shoved into their tiny hands and there’s no going back. So I don’t have any words of wisdom other than if you really want to get rid of it, go cold turkey. I’m guessing it will take two weeks to break the habit going that route as she learns to self soothe without using any props. I let the binkie habit go on too long with my first and it was difficult to break, but took two weeks and then she was totally over it. She doesn’t even remember her binkie. My babies are 1.5 and if they see a bottle, they don’t rush for it and shove it into their mouths. They really do recover and find other things to obsess over. Totally up to you, but my only advice is if you want to break the habit, do it soon and don’t give in. Potty training? Oh lordy. Have fun with that. I am dreading going through it again. I did the boot camp method and it worked wonderfully but the process is messy. Cut off the dirty underpants and just throw them away. Go straight to underpants and don’t use pull ups (they get the idea quicker) and then do field trip of teaching her to go in public toilets. TOtally different thing and it really freaks out some kids. Oh and always have a post it on hand to cover up the eye on the automatic flusher. Kids freak out over that. Fun times ahead!! Good luck!!

  2. When I meant said to cut off the dirty underpants, I meant the squishy poop ones. NOt worth rinsing and saving. Blehhh the stuff we moms have to touch. I used to have a phobia about getting my hands dirty. Now? Over it, thanks to the messes kids give us!!

  3. Hi, it’s Mike (Amy’s dad) from school. Is it weird that I read your blog? I can delete the feed if you prefer…

    Sometimes, I think it’s the kind of cup that can make the difference. In a parent class I took, the teacher made a specific recommendation on cups to transition to, and it worked great for us (and for a few friends I recommended them to). It’s a Rubbermaid “litterless juice box” that holds 8 ounces. It’s clear, so it has the visual appeal that bottles do (as opposed to other sippies where you can’t tell what you’re drinking — perhaps a turnoff for some kids that Dora is blocking their view of the milk). Due to its size, it’s really easy to hold in one hand, much like some bottles. There’s a little writeup on the cup at the following site:

    We transitioned one bottle to a cup every few days until the full transition was complete. You may need to go cold-turkey like Mutha Mae suggested, though, if a slow transition doesn’t work.

    We have to work on the binkies for Amy soon, though… They’re a bedtime-only prop, but it seems like it’s about time to say bye-bye to them!

  4. HI Mike, I didn’t even know you knew about my blog/vlog. I love that you have RSSed me! I’m honored. Great suggestion. I am going to check it out. I think you might be right about Dora blocking the milk. Love that you took a parenting class too. Hmmm, guess I should have done that.
    See you at school!!

  5. Mike and Mutha Mae have great ideas. I will say that the litterless juice-box for us was a great thing, but spills/leaks easy. My son took great joy in turning it upside down into the hidden compartment seat of his riding bus. That’s where he stored all his goodies for later. We had to just do the cold turkey method. It worked, after a few days of really evil eye looks, pouting and all out tantrums. We all survived. We went straight to the spill-proof tippy cups. We threw out all the bottles on trash day to avoid any easy outs, too. Later we switched to the classic “Capri Suns”. I love those things (except the all clingy straw wrappers)! Good luck….it’s a hard thing for us parents! The kiddos will eventually forget about it. Best Wishes, Kelley

  6. Oh yeah, I loved your vlog on stickers! One of my favorites! Stickers got us through potty training! We use the sticker praise method on my nephew now. What a charm! Get all sorts of stickers and let her pick out which one she wants after “going in the potty”! (PS I also bribed with M & M’s) I know, I know….. Good Luck! Kelley

  7. Kelley,
    thanks so much. I am glad to hear that others had days of tantrums. You know when you think your the only one with demon seed? Hmm, which should I tackle first potty or bottle? I was going to do both and then we moved. Then I was going to tackle one and she started school. Made half hearted attempts but I always cave.
    Need a mommy 12 step!

  8. Cold Turkey all the way. That was how we did binkies, bottles and potty training. I believe it was Memorial Day weekend in our rental house that was all tiled. It involved alot of naked or semi naked Frannie and a weekend lock down. But it worked.

    Pull-ups are the dumbest and most disgusting and confusing invention ever. Don’t even go there. “Oh you mean I can still pee and poo in these things you pull down?” NO!

    And back to the mommy judgement thing. You KNOW the other parents are looking at those 3 year old binkie-suckin, diaper-wearin kids and judging mom oh so deeply. I can’t tell you how grossed out I am by a kid who can walk and talk who is still walking around with a binkie at one end and a balloon butt at the other.

    But that’s just me!

  9. I would tackle the bottle before the potty. I think most kids are ready to give up the bottle before they’re ready for potty training. But what do I know? I have a 6 year old who’s fine with cups and the potty, but carries around a ratty SpongeBob SquarePants pillowcase whenever she can (but not to school).

  10. LOVE your video clips, wish you lived next door! Husband is a pediatric dentist in Newport Beach. DO NOT put Vivi down to sleep with a bottle of anything other than water, can cause “Baby Bottle Tooth Decay” for which he has to anesthetize kids (sometimes under 2) to fix their teeth (which get rotten and brown on the back, tongue side). Here’s a tip: slowly (over a week or so) start watering down her milk until it’s all water… slow enough that she doesn’t notice. Good luck…baby crying…must go! : ) Jane

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