Britney, Again

“Outrage from whom?” I wondered when looking at this Daily Mail headline? How about outrage towards the A-hole who has a camera trained so closely on this family at home? The article is trying to take issue with Britney Spears’ son “playing with cigarettes.”

Of course, when you see the pictures, it doesn’t take long for her to stop him from touching them. Whatever. Give the Britney thing a rest. She doesn’t have custody of her kids, she’s had a lot of problems. Time to let it go for awhile.  

According to the LA Times today, the paparazzi in LA are bummed ’cause she isn’t acting like a trainwreck anymore. In fact, she rarely leaves her house. I don’t either, and no one cares whether I’m commando or not. And the media is never as mean about errant dads as it is about moms that mess up.

3 thoughts on “Britney, Again

  1. Holla! I am so sick of Britney-bashing. All these photos are so IN YOUR FACE and I feel dirty after having this person’s private moments imposed upon me. Also, don’t forget, all you mom’s of younger ones, your little girls are going to be seeing these images soon in the grocery line and asking LOTS of questions. Just wait til they can read!

    I tried to hide the whole Jamie-Lynn thing from Frannie. Boom! She comes home one day absolutely beside herself that Zoey 101 herself is knocked up. I said where did you learn that?!?!? Her response: In the grocery store when I was with Mimi.

    Ya know, they banned Cosmo from the check out lines for the racy covers. I’d rather Frannie see a nice rack then all this crap.

    I’m sorry. Was that off topic? So….yeah, leave Brit-Brit alone!

  2. Right on sisters. And with you on the nice rack. A rack on the rack-lol.
    I have also had it with “stars and their cellulite”. Sadly I write for one of the rags that does that so I am part of the problem!

    A few weeks ago I was walking my daughter to school and saw a paparazzi hounding a woman I didn’t recognize while she tried to pump gas and was hiding while she did it. I get that their fair game when they go to the Ivy, but the photographers have become really weird. I grew up in LA and NEVER used to see that.
    Uh, Jamie Lynn, don’t get me started! the glamorization of teenage motherhood. Instead of talking about how it would drive most girls girl into a life of poverty.

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