So a while ago I said to Nikki, my executive producer of the Fashion Team, “I can’t believe this show can’t get me some free BOTOX.”  A few days later she called and asked if I was serious; there was a segment they wanted to do and I could get free BOTOX by a reputable Beverly Hills doctor who has been on Extreme Makeover (a show I always loved) on TV.  I said, “Why not?  I’m going to tell everyone anyway.”  I would never pull a Star Jones and conceal I lost half my body.  I can’t keep much of a secret. If someone compliments my outfit I can’t just say “thank you” – I have to say, “TJ Maxx, $25!”.  Maybe I’ll be classy when I grow up.

Anyway, it was done by Dr. Jon Perlman.  It felt like tiny little pricks.  Waxing is a hundred times more painful.  Not only would I do it again, I might even pay for it.

5 thoughts on “BOTOX

  1. You look great before and after.
    But, what I really want to know, is what is that tree with the purple flowers behind you?

  2. isn’t it rad? It’s a jacaranda and it’s one of the best things about LA in the spring and early summer. The bloom and drop their leaves. It’s my neighbors.
    the before and after was a tad comical in its sameness. But in person I did get “you look good, and I don’t know why” type comments. think it’s faded now.

  3. Almost a year ago now I had a horrifying neck lift and breast lift. The neck procedure left me with an almost untreatable life-threatening staph infection. The breast lift was painful and ultimately a huge disappointment since I refused implants. Cant imagine the fresh hell had I let myself get talked into the implants.

    Obviously, I regret the expensive, dangerous and painful decision to put myself through the 6 hour SURGICAL PROCEDURE. I cannot stress that enough. SURGICAL PROCEDURE. I also was an addicted fan of extreme makeover. It was not anything like the little one hour capsule that you see on TV. Again, it was a real LIFE THREATENING SURGICAL PROCEDURE. And let’s not even get started with the lies told to my daughter to hide mommie’s shameful vanity to protect Frannie’s own self image.

    The point is, all of this started with a few Botox injections. And then a chemical peel or 10. I truly believe that Botox is a gateway drug! (OK, please know that was tongue in very droopy cheek). But I have decided that the whole point of my experience was to go out into the world and slap all of my middle-aged sisters upside the head who begin to consider plastic surgery. Daphne, I am not saying you are considering it, but others might be.

    Be afraid. Be aware. And just find happiness with yourselves.

    And this is the Gospel according to Lynne.

  4. I hear you sister! And the gateway drug line is hi-lar-i-ous. I am sorry that happened to you. Didn’t something like that happen to Kathy Griffin? I probably would get more done, but I hate IV’s so much I can barely stand the thought of another delivery. But, I can see continuing with NON IV procedure’s.
    Of course you are right self acceptance is best… not sure I’m that healthy.

  5. You do look great. Now, if only I could find someone to inject my old hands. Ugh. That’s what I can’t believe I’m looking at , and they’re mine!! I’m walking around with my mother’s hands. You seriously do look really good. I wish I lived near you, I really think you are funny…

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