In Appreciation Of Non-Mom Friends

Yes, mom friends are great, but sometimes it’s great to hang with the childless set.

Let’s hear it for the non-mom friends.

Thank you for being available to go out for dinner.

Thank you for having time and disposable income.

Thank you for giving me a chance to not talk about kids.

Jess and I
Creative Commons License photo credit: sara.atkins

Thank you for still having casual sex and new romances and giving me all the details.

Thank you for the lousy internet-dating stories, reminding me how glad I am to be married.

Thank you for not being too exhausted to do anything.

Thank you for even letting me know there was a lecture, concert, exhibit, I should go to.

Thanks for still taking an interest in my kid when I do bring her up.

I can only look at so many pictures of dogs, but other than that, you’ve all been great friends.

7 thoughts on “In Appreciation Of Non-Mom Friends

  1. THANK YOU! For writing this on my birthday…you have a great way of making me feel good about being THIS OLD and still single!!! xoxo

  2. Thank you! It is a testament to how fun and well-written (spoken?) your blog is that I am a non-mom who checks back every day (sometimes twice) to see what is new. Thank you for making us non-Moms feel appreciated!

  3. Oh I love the friends that are always up for anything! And when they pick up the phone, there’s not a wailing or whining kid on the other end. In fact, all I hear are clinking wine glasses as they sit down for appetizers and tell me to head on over for a drink. And then all I can hear is myself saying bye to the kids and husband…

    LOVE those non-mom friends!

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