Superior Moms

There is a lot of sisterhood in motherhood, but there are also a lot of bitches (dudes can be bitches).

You know you’ve had something like this happen when some parent tries to act all superior about their kid. I bet that kid also never screamed in the car either, right.

10 thoughts on “Superior Moms

  1. Girl, you know it’s true! I have a stepson who is 7 years older than my daughter. My mother-in-law who I now see as little as possible, is often fond of comparing the stepson to my daughter when she was a toddler. As in: “He (my perfect grandSON from my son’s first real marriage) never got into everything, never had tantrum, never shit in his pants….(you get the picture) like HER. Seriously….LIKE HER.

    But, she did always tell me she was grateful she never had daughters. Go figure.

  2. Oh FUUUUHHH… I am so over those Momzillas! I usually find a way to get away from them… like following a butterfly or telling her I suddenly feel ill, which wouldn’t at all be lying.

    Love the videos! I have my new webcam and boom mic up… not as high tech, but one step at a time, right?

  3. I really enjoyed the videos. I learn the new technique to handle the children’s. Too many mothers can carry a lot of problems there own life. So mother life is a sensational and lovable profession.

  4. Found you from Momversation. Now it’s after 1 AM and I am watching everything. You make me bust out laughing. I wish I’d meet someone like you over here, we could laugh laugh laugh about all these perfect moms with perfect kids. Unlike mine who still wet their pants at the dinner table…Thanks for the laugh, now I seriously have to get to bed.

  5. Mine just wet the couch last night and I know the books say to be nice about it. but, I was finally like, look, you pee ont he woodfloor, but not my couch!

  6. I love you so much Daphne. PLEASE NEVER STOP. This videos are endlessly funny and insightful, you have a real gift.

  7. Erm, too excited to type in a language anyone might understand. These videos are endlessly funny and insightful is what I meant to say!

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