Airplane People

I can really get in a lather over people who complain about babies on airplanes. It’s a public place. Air travel is NOT a luxury these days. I am far more disturbed by the loudmouth who is YELLING their conversation into the phone before take off (there are no secrets we are just pretending not to hear you), or the loud talkers seated the row behind.

Also, no one feels worse about a crying baby than the parents who are trying, and trying everything to calm it down.

Years ago I was in a geology lecture in college, there was a woman with a baby in the class, and God love her for going on with her education while being a mom of a young one. She didn’t have any help caring for the child and I often saw her with a notebook and baby in hand. One day the baby was fussing, I noticed it, we all did, but we kept on with the lecture. It was a bit distracting finally she chose to get up with her child and walked out of the lecture hall. The professor, who was the sweetest guy, stopped his lecture and said to the class, “did she leave? Oh no, please someone go and get her. She needs to be in class, the baby wasn’t bothering me, was it bothering any of you? (No one was going to raise there hand to that),” “we were all babies once.”

That is the truth.

8 thoughts on “Airplane People

  1. American or United ought to use this video for one of their commercials!

    Being from Virginia and having lived in Hawaii for 3 years travel back and forth with 3 toddler-aged boys was interesting to say the least. It always surprised me how some people reacted to a fidgety child on an airplane. It’s not like you can toss ’em out!

    Thanks for the great vids and good laughs!

  2. I was on a flight once when a woman sat in front of me, turned around to see that I was flying with children, rolled her eyes and then turned to her companion and not very quietly said, “I can’t believe I have to fly next to kids!”

  3. Becky, how did you keep from saying. “oh, sorry your majesty, perhaps the royal coffers could spring for a Lear jet next time.”
    What a sense of entitlement!!
    Virginia to Hawaii with 3 toddlers. I think I’d be a shut in.

  4. As someone that doesn’t have kids, the one thing I ask of moms traveling with their children is to PLEASE teach them not to kick the seat in front of them. I can handle crying with headphones, but constantly getting kicked in the back for a long flight is not fun.

  5. Jennifer, I agree with that one. I always tel my daughter not to do that and not to open and close the dinner the tray. It’s just good socialization. If you do that you are bothering someone else. I am talking about when a baby or little kid is in pain because their ear hurts, or scared about take off,etc. If we were in a restaurant I would walk her out, but clearly on a plane it’s not an option. And air travel in general has become has pleasant as a bucket of spit.

  6. So with you on this.

    Also – why don’t all planes have changing tables in the bathrooms? Where are we supposed to change a diaper? I end up doing it on the floor, back by the flight attendants area… where they prepare meals for godsake!

    In any case, now that I have three kids, I don’t fly anywhere. Not b/c it’d be too hard, but just b/c it’d be too expensive. I also like the idea that if things go south in the car (an out of control diaper, someone screaming, about to pee), I can just pull over. We can all get out. There is no illuminated “seatbelt sign” making me sweat.

  7. Sorry if you’re getting hit with too many of my comments in one night. This is my “mommy” time and finding your blog was a blessing. Anyway, I just flew to Puerto Rico for a funeral and had to soothe my son. The old fart lady in front of my seat over heard me asking my son if he wanted to take a nap (rather than crying and fussing) and she had the nerve to say, “Yes, he does.” OOOOOH, that made me so mad, I didn’t say anything because it would have embarrassed my husband, and as a Christian, I really shouldn’t act that way. But, I think you put it in perspective so that next time I can say what you said in a peaceful way. At least I can try.

  8. Y’all need to shut your little shit babies up. They’re not adorable, they’re annoying. You’re not any better than anyone else for breeding. Have respect for the people around you or get an abortion.

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