Haircut 100

Remember them (Haircut 100)? Loved their hit in junior high. Anyway, here is my new do. I got it cut last week. In the last year I keep getting shorter. Everyone likes it except my husband who misses my long hair. I have hair as thick as kudzu, so it’s nice to have a style without having to style. I had been doing a Katie Holmes/Victoria Beckham kind of wedge, but it was starting to look a little like a Dorothy Hamill (which I also had), so I asked my haircutter to change it up.

I do think I need to grow it again, because in 5 to 10 years I will be that age that starts to look goofy with long hair.

It’s not too much a “mom” cut, right? I don’t want a hairdo that goes with pleated jeans and a mini van. But, gosh it is easier.

4 thoughts on “Haircut 100

  1. thanks all. yes, I will. it doesn’t have the wedge back. I had that and felt it was peaking in popularity and trying to stay ahead. this is a bit more of a nuevo shag. every morning I do NOTHING. If I want to make an effort a couple rollers and done.

  2. THAT is a mom cut. Luckily you are very attractive. It’s nonsense too that there is an age when women should cut their hair short.

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