Moving Target

Ah, the joys of parental abuse. Being climbed on, kicked in the shins, and my personal favorite having nails dug into my face is all normal stuff. But, what if it happens when you can’t discipline? Whatta you do?

The bottom line is a handheld cell phone is the only danger motorists face.

6 thoughts on “Moving Target

  1. ROFL! My son is too young to throw things yet, but he does manage to POOP everytime we get in the car. We get about two blocks away and I hear “grrrr” “mmmm” “ugh” (his poop noises). Never fails. I love mommy driving time. 😉

  2. ROFL is Rolling On the Floor Laughing. A step up from LOL (Laugh Out Loud). And a stone’s throw from ROFLMFAO (Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Fu**ing A** Off).

    My 4-year-old son too throws things in the car when he loses his temper; i.e., when we don’t actually stop at the park that we’re passing, or when he decides his seat belt is a bit too constraining. This has led to the following rule in our family: If it’s hard enough to hurt when thrown, it ain’t going in the car. We keep small stuffed animals and squishy soft books to keep the driver from sustaining a concussion. As for disciplining the behavior? The fact that we let Alex know WHY we’re not allowing the “fun” toys in the car (“Because you threw your American Idol microphone–that’s why it can’t come with us anymore”) usually is sufficient. We must pick our battles as moms…

  3. I know this vid is old but I just had to comment, my two year old gets time outs in the car. When she is bad or acting up I will turn around and tell her in my mean mommy voice “that’s it ,YOU are in time out!” ” don’t tell me no, you are IN TIME OUT!” and she feaks out about it everytime! My 6 year old thinks this is the funnies thing. It totally works though but I am sure not for long .

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