Frustrated Pundit

In all my years on TV I have only been able to do a few political segments, on a few shows. I use to be in talk radio and through that was fortunate to meet a few politicians: President Clinton (while he was in office), former president Carter, and almost president Hillary. But, my love of humor and improvisation steered me away from news. Yes, I did audition twice for the Daily show and didn’t even get a call back. Jerks!

Anyway, this is a set up to say, I watch political conventions like others watch football games. I don’t just watch the party I vote for. I like to see the stagecraft, the strategy, and the lack of strategy. Politics is human nature in action. Which is why when I hear “a new kind of politics,” I think, yeah right as soon as we get a new kind of human, we’ll get right on that.

I tried to watch MSNBC, CNN etc, but they keep yapping. I want to watch the C card speakers and the produced videos. The talking heads have been yapping enough. And unless I get to be one (oh please Lord, one day, please?), I’ve heard enough of them. Except for my favorite, Pat Buchanan. I know, might surprise you, but he is almost always right and doesn’t parrot party talking points. As my sister Carole says, “He’s almost an oracle.”

I’m just glad it will be over before Vivien watches “The Upside Down Show” before bedtime, or I’d be screwed!

3 thoughts on “Frustrated Pundit

  1. This doesn’t really follow your post, but I thought I’d engage your politico-self: how AWESOME was Michelle last night??? Wow. Very very impressive.

  2. Yes, I did think she was good. She could be an actress she had real emotion and I say this as a person who thought she used to bug. I also think it was good for people who don’t know who to see she is not only well educated, but could seem like a friend. It’s so like what HRC went through back in ’92. People are always harder on the ladies. And the Ted Kennedy tribute was moving.

  3. Sorry to change the subject, but I clicked on the link for the Upside Down show since I haven’t ever seen it, and one of the things it says is that it “boosts creativity by modeling pretend play.” So basically, they’re pretending to pretend. Is that right?

    Back to the democrats: my son is going to a forum on global poverty to which high school students are invited at the DNC this afternoon. I love living in Denver!

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