Haircut 100 part 2

Since I’ve had an overwhelming response to my new hair cut, including requests for more shots of it (well, 2 actually, but in my mind it’s a riot). If you want more hair shots I will provide them! Not one, but two pictures! It is not short in the back like the popular Victoria Beckham style for which I had a longer version of before. Note, I am showing you my roots as well.

My one correction is that it’s not totally maintenance free. I have hair like fiberglass so I can go 5 days without washing it. To some of you this may sound gross, but I swear it is true. I go to Fantastic Sam’s to get it washed, and then I’m set for most of the week. I tried to do a home job and this haircut looks, AWFUL if not blown out right. Also, it is important to note, I don’t think it would be much on thin hair. If I use a big round brush or curls it looks like I’m on “News at 5,” in Dallas.

My hair is like carbon dating. I’ve done the Dorothy Hamill, the shag, even the Mullet. I did the Jennifer Anniston (and time for her to change it up too) I think the only hair trend I missed was in the late eighties I never got the perm. Missing the eighties perm, probably had something to do with the fact that I was too stoned.

7 thoughts on “Haircut 100 part 2

  1. OMG, i had that perm. but i believe it was the late ’70s babe, sorry about that. nonetheless when i grew it out i looked quite a bit like the monster from the bugs bunny cartoon. (you know the one, bugs is filing is nails and says, “I just think that monsters are soooo interesting.”)

  2. I was trying to explain to someone the other day about “TV Hair.” She’s doing on camera work and needed ideas for a hair cut. There’s a difference between everyday hair and TV hair, right? TV hair has to be subtle, hold up well under extreme conditions, and have color that works under the lights. Or at least for TV hosting. (Not in Dallas.) Did I give her the right direction?

    That reminds me I’d love to read a post from you about how you transition from mom to TV host and how you find balance between the two. I mean, just getting a hair cut isn’t a hair cut for you. You have to maintain a particular look for your job. What’s it like to go back and forth between those two worlds and how do you manage to hold everything together?

  3. Amy– I ‘m thinking of the late ’80’s perm. that can befound in White snake videos and in my sister’s wedding pictures. If I had been getting stoned in the ’70’s that would have made me a grade school druggie.
    MM- yes, good advice. it’s why so many people on camera don’t have long hair. it can look ratty fast. It can be distracting, especially if it’s news. And if your hair is high needs lots of work it means you have to get to work even earlier to make it look good.
    A friend is about to go on a book tour and I too told her to get it cut to the shoulder.

  4. OK. Guess this makes me a guy. But, long hair is just prettier. Don’t get me wrong. You’re super cute and a “cool mom” either way. And, I totally understand the maintenance issue. But, I’m gonna have to back your husband up on this one..

  5. Ha! Don’t give up! In the spirit of full disclosure, I should say that I have long blond hair that I *wish* was as thick and full as yours.

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