Home Wreckers

Okay, don’t worry just because this is my second vlog in a row talking about issues in marriage don’t think it’s a cry for help! This comes out of the general knowledge that being a mom doesn’t always make me the sweetest partner.

But it also stems from me hearing friends and others, talk about faulty reasoning behind deciding to have a child.

6 thoughts on “Home Wreckers

  1. you crack me up! funny how people have still not evolved enough to figure that one out. my favorite quote:

    History repeats itself.
    Has to.
    No one listens.

    – Steve Turner

  2. I love Sunday Styles–I read it EXACTLY like you descibe. I feel so smart opening my NY TImes on Sunday, only to read Sunday Styles and the magazine. Oh well, the neighbors see the paper on my step and wonder how I do it all.

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