Don’t Hug Me

Fresh on the heels of a working mom being the first ever woman on a Republican presidential ticket, here is a workingwoman issue. Being touched at work. I don’t mean in a sexual harassment kind of way. This isn’t the kind of touching that’s going to bring a lawsuit or make anyone cry. But, how do you feel with touchy feely co-workers? Maybe it’s a California thing…

4 thoughts on “Don’t Hug Me

  1. I don’t really like to hug, period. Unless you are my child or my husband, or you have just given me awesome or horrible news and you need support, or I haven’t seen you in ages, DON’T HUG ME. What IS with the huggy thing?!?

  2. yeah, what is the huggy thing? I’m with you. And I was raised in hippie schools and even we aren’t that huggy. I feel like a few years ago everyone took EST or something similar and I missed it.

  3. I have my space…no admittance without a personal invite for me. (Exceptions are the grandmas or long lost aunts, but I still quiver) And while we’re on this subject, what about the kissy face people?! Yuck! My husband’s business partner is always with the kisses – YUCK! It’s like he’s aiming for the lips and I take a big duck so he’s always getting a big mouth of hairspray. You have those that like to do that kissy on the cheeky thing and I’ve had more than one miss and it lands right on my smackers. **shuddering at the thought**

  4. OH, yeah. the kissy thing is really bad.
    I try to be understanding when it’s a genuine European who does the kiss on each check. I brace myself a tad, but it’s less invasive then the guy I worked with years ago who tried to land them on the lips. He’s was just an inappropriate American.

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