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And I thought all the fun was over with the primaries! The Democrats pulled it together with Hillary, Bill, Gore, Biden and all to be a superb opening act for a great speech by Obama where he finally forcefully went after the Senator from Arizona. Could this Hillary fan luxuriate in my make up sex with BO? No, cause Friday McCain yells, “take that, kid.” And taps Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska for his VP. Have to hand it to his campaign, they really kept that under wraps. No texting the supporters gone asunder, just a well played political surprise.

It’s a controversial choice for sure…and that was before we found out about her daughter being in the family way (more about that tomorrow). But I gave McCain a gloved applause. After being told by Obama that big Mac was not a maverick he gets to wear the mantle again.

Will it bring this pro choice Hillary fan to vote for McCain? No, because my vote goes toward the betterment of all woman and I Believe, that is best accomplished by having more liberal justices on the Supreme Court than the GOP would place. But I have to admit I did like Palin, she is charming. Love that she popped another kid out in her forties and barely missed a beat in her work, even though her baby was born with Down syndrome.

Palin is plucky even if she loses she will get a book deal and a good speaking fee after this. And some of the sweet old ladies in the South I spoke to when I was working for Hillary might go for it. They aren’t comfortable with Obama, don’t love McCain either, maybe a down to earth lady will help them decide.

But, are there some of us who have not decided? Or like my mom, and few friends, are sticking with the Libertarian party, who I have great affinity for?

If the election were held today, who would you, vote for?

5 thoughts on “Cool Mom Political Poll

  1. it was emailed to me. I’m 99% it’s a photo shop joke. I don’t doubt she has a rockin mom body, but I think this pose would have come before she had her Gov. hair and glasses. I thought it was funny, same as I thought the Obama as Muslim New Yorker comic was funny.

  2. I actually feel McCain’s selection of Palin is grotesque pandering to Hillary supporters (or, I should say, an attempt to do so) offensive because it presupposes that one vagina is the same as another. And yet, no two women could be more different, or represent more different values.

    Like you, I fear what a high holy roller crusader ticket like this one will do to a women’s right to choose — and Bristol’s pregnancy at 17 (16 even?) does not, to me, speak well of the success of the Republican party’s idiotic “abstinence” program. Now, I’m sure Palin will be supportive of her daughter, as she ought, but the hypocrisy in the GOP is utterly mind-boggling.

    Freedom should be freedom for all — not just the freedom to do what the GOP wants (ie, tote guns).

    Stepping off the soapbox now…

  3. I hear you. I do wonder if Obama had a teen daughter in trouble would they not cite the permissive left as the problem?
    I will be voting with my vagina, the one that wants choice.

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