Ballet Recital Part 2

If you remember, a while ago I showed you the sad, forlorn-looking photo of Vivien for her portrait preceding her ballet recital. She was, of course, a triumph in both of her recitals. But, I was conflicted over if I was being too pushy by dressing her up and wanting her to take a cute picture. I know she’ll love to see it 20 years from now. As will I, because I am sure she will never come to visit… Maybe she’ll want it for her senior page, right?

So, I brought her big brother Oliver to help me elicit a positive response. Look how well it turned out! Pushy mom triumphs once again.

9 thoughts on “Ballet Recital Part 2

  1. Love it! As the mother of a 19 year old dd, she will appreciate it when she’s older. Mine loves to look at baby pics and talk about how cute she was!

  2. Great photo! I’ve got one of my then 3-year-old dressed as a ladybug for her ballet recital. That photo alone was worth the advance wrinkles I incurred as a volunteer, helping the 3 year old group practice and wait, wait, and then wait some more for their turn. It was like herding cats on acid. (the cats being on acid, not the moms). We used the photo for my daughter’s bday party invite. I really like the earlier photo of your daughter being forlorn too.

    Signed, a new fan to your site. I love it! 🙂

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