Oh No, She Didn’t! The Sarah Palin Speech

Okay, for what it’s worth, I can’t close out the week without summing up my take on the Palin speech at the RNC. I hear that WHITE, MARRIED MOTHERS are who decides elections. Hey, that’s me!

I have many friends who have been fuming about her latest speech. I got messages like “I hate her,” “nasty bitch,” and “Well, I’d sleep with her.” (That last one was from a Republican guy friend.) I watched her speech a bit after the fact, on Tivo, after Vivien went to bed. I tried to watch with an objective eye, but I expected to want to throw her glasses on the ground and smash them. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel that way when I watched it. Here’s what I was thinking.

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In The Beginning
To start, where was the music? Where was the bio video, ’cause I love those. The Republicans know how to sell a war to us, but can’t figure out basic production value and stagecraft? Come on! I had to hand it to my niece – she won the bet on how Palin would wear her hair, which was mostly down. She looked nice, as did the family, but The Fashion Team side of me (BTW, this Tuesday we will do some political fashion critiquing on the FT at 8pm on the TV Guide Channel) feels her youngest daughter has to be worth a couple points in the polls. Her youngest daughter is a happy-spirited girl who lovingly held her baby brother – awwww! And the pregnant daughter gets an ovation. Which is kind, but can we try to remember it’s probably best not to encourage that?

Special Needs
Sure, Palin scored points with a lot of people by saying she’d be a friend to families who have kids with special needs. No specifics, but it was Bush #1 who signed the disability access law, so who knows? Then there was Todd, the first dude, who was happy to have his ovation.

Better Parts Of The Speech
She mentioned Truman? They wouldn’t let her shout out to Ferraro or Clinton anymore, but she got one Democrat in there. The pit bull line was great, and she ripped into Obama’s community organizing.

Sorry lefties, this was long overdue. I was just talking with my brother-in-law about this during the DNC. What the frig is “community organizing”? They keep saying it like I should care, but I don’t. Say something specific, like “helped drive old ladies to get medicine.” Or “took slumlords to jail.” I don’t know. It reminds me of when my friend used to work in “supportive housing.” After five years, I think I finally figured that out.

Palin scored another “ouch” moment with her “styrofoam Greek column” line. The crowd was so whipped!  She could have farted in tune and they would have loved her. I noticed Newt Gingrich in the audience was holding his applause.

Her delivery was confident, strong, and in charge. I found myself thinking, “If McCain loses, she could very well be the nominee in 2012.” Maybe even her against Hillary? She was slinging some insults, but no more than I expected all along from the GOP. When Obama fans were decrying the “rough” treatment the Clintons were supposedly giving him in the primaries, I thought, “Babies, the Republicans are going to rip him to shreds, just you wait.” I think one of the most cutting things was that she didn’t use Obama’s name until 3/4 of the way through the speech. As if to say, “I won’t dignify him by using his name,” which is meaner than the Democrats did to McCain at their convention.

Weaker Parts
I needed more bio. I needed to hear what motivated her to go from the PTA to the Governor’s Mansion. I think that’s a lost moment. I felt like we went from “Hockey Mom” to “Obama Sucks.” I needed the in-between.

I’m fine with snarky comments, but then she went into bold-faced lies and scary stuff: That Obama will raise your taxes (if you make over $250,000 and, of course, if he can get it passed, which is another thing), then there was the matter of claiming near-victory in Iraq… Hmm, not really. And the oddest statement along those lines was, “Instead of catching terrorists, he would rather read them their rights.” Oh yeah, a nation of laws is such a drag! Didn’t she just tell us for the 4,359th time about McCain being tortured as a P.O.W.? Wouldn’t it be nice if our country, above all others, learned from that? That was the point at which she really turned me off. And the more she plays up McCain’s heroics, the smaller it makes her look. The war hero and the hockey mom? Doesn’t help sell the idea that she could take his place.

The Billing
One thing I like better about the GOP than the Democrats is that they gave Palin equal billing compared to McCain. Her font is the same size as the McCain font, whereas Biden is smaller than Obama’s, like Biden is the sidekick.

Joebama better keep tearing into the economy, because Palin and the rest of the GOP really left that out. Since Obama is such a chicken about talking about being pro-choice (the lame response at Saddleback is a PERFECT demonstration of that), they better get some snappy sound bites about the party of Hoover if they want to win. At this point, I think Palin is an asset.

If only Obama had picked Hillary as his running mate…

12 thoughts on “Oh No, She Didn’t! The Sarah Palin Speech

  1. Sorry Mom, those weren’t lies, Obama will raise your taxes, like democrats always haveand always will. Have you ever heard of a Democrat tax cut? There is no defined Obama plan for those making 250,000 or above, that was put in there by a demo strategist to look better to the voters. And as far as Irag, go over there and ask the people there if we are winning! You gotta get out and read more than the Clinton News Network..love your work tho..

  2. glad you like it. Re: Iraq, I was against that war before it started so that would be a larger discussion.
    Clinton news network? Sign me up. What didn’t you like about those years? The peace or the prosperity?

  3. I was a little nervous when I clicked over. I thought I was going to see more angry comments. I am so glad to be a reader/fan… you are brave enough to speak to the weaknesses. I know what my weaknesses are and I work on them to make myself, my family, and my work better. It leaves me feeling squishy when all of these guys refuse to own up to their weaknesses… both sides.

    It’s amazing that Sarah Palin has energized both sides so much. Like her or hate her or care less about her, she has brought a new zing to the whole parade. I’m thinking we are going to be exhausted on November 5th. Maybe we should plan a national ski week, or something…

  4. Thanks for reading Sugar. The it settles I think one day Palin could very well be President. She could be the GOP’s new Reagan. Now, whether you’re personally a fan or not is a different matter, but I do think that is the future.

  5. Seriously, the peace and prosperity of a republican congress was great, just the shenanigans in the Oval office was a real letdown, I hoped Bush had those carpets steam cleaned to get the putrid out of the air !!

  6. Cool Mom: The 1993-2001 prosperously peaceful era was when our president could not be found for two hours when it was time to give the order to take out Bin Laden. It also built the Gorelic wall.

    In March Sen. Obama told Maria Bartiromo that he would propose raising capital gains tax rate to 25% to make it “fair”. What he refuses to acknowledge is that a 15% capital gains rate has resulted in more tax revenues for the government. So he wants to raise the rate just to punish shrewd investors (and Los Angelinos selling their restaurant) at the expense of shorting the treasury.

  7. better a blow job than a war we didn’t need to get into. Also, the Republican’s controlled the HOUse for 6 or Bush years, so I don’t think you can sweep away Clinton’s record with that. An argument could be made that a division of executive and legislative is the way to go. But, it has to be the right leader.

    Don, if I only voted with my pocket book I would be a libertarian. The GOP used to represent fiscal conservatives, but with the Bush and the ballooning of the debt, the devaluing of the dollar, and the weak growth in jobs how can they still claim the mantle?

  8. Thanks for finding both positive and negatives on her speech – because there are both. I AM a Libertarian and am trying to look behind the curtain of the Great Oz as you can’t rely on exactly what they are saying…so much spinning means working to interpret their language or looking into the details. I have lots of friends quoting the candidates on face value but without looking any deeper.

  9. Oh and one more thought both parties plan at least 1 or 2 elections in advance. You don’t think Barack’s placement at the DNC for Kerry was an accident do you? Sarah Palin’s VP nomination is not short sighted either…you can play this both ways…McCain wins but doesn’t seek a 2nd term – Palin picks up where he left off. Obama wins but doesn’t do as expected and it sets up HIllary to run – which means Palin had 4 years to be marketed, offered premium opportunities, say in sponsoring key bills as a U.S, Senator. The two could be paired against each other in 2012. Very interesting…

  10. I have also thought of a Clinton/Palin match up. I wish the parties ( or at least the Dems) were that far sighted. I think it’s more like making sausage though.
    I was partially raised a Libertarian. Was taken to Ed Clark’s “victory” party in 1980 as a kid. so good for you.

  11. It’s amazing that Sarah Plain has energized both sides so much. Like her or hate her or care less about her, she has brought a new zing to the whole parade. This is the very interesting matter. Nowadays there are so many matter can also deal by our women’s.

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