The School Lunch Dilemma

Okay, this got a little choppy, but when I held up the potato chips there was a longer story there. Hey, it’s hard to fit it all in, in under 70 seconds.

My cousin Margo is a schoolteacher. She teaches elementary kids on a military base. According to her, lunch is a big problem, as the families are poor and the kids don’t get adequate nutrition. She actually has kids who come to class with a bag of chips for lunch.

The harried quality of this video captures how I feel on the mornings I forget to make something the night before. Other times, I really enjoy putting the meal together. It’s like an airplane meal. Little bit of protein, little bit of fruit, etc.

What are your favorite things to put in your kids’ lunch?

10 thoughts on “The School Lunch Dilemma

  1. fresh from our garden. He is dismayed that she won’t eat octopus, argula,you see where I am going? I say, she likes prosciutto isn’t that enough?
    doing cold chicken and soybeans today.

  2. My kid’s school still has the old lunch ladies! Which is great because they can cook and I can’t. She buys lunch daily and I know she’s getting one decent meal a day, hah! I try.. but I’m not that handy in the kitchen.

  3. We do the lunches the school provides (breakfast, too). I like the fact that for a relatively inexpensive price, he gets a good, well balanced hot meal. When a field trip comes up or some function that a sack lunch is required, my son is electrified by the sandwich and goodies and I even decorate the bag. (Makes me beam with pride as if I’ve really accomplished a major score or something..hehehe) I also include a little Hershey’s Kiss for dessert. To this day, I have bad burnout memories from bologna and tunafish sandwiches from my own school years.

  4. haha ummm tomatoes don’t go to great raw. You know I ahve heard every other story in the blogphere and yet to see anything about school lunches. The rush of getting ready in the morning is a real thing, but you always put a fabulous twist on things!

  5. Thanks Kristen. There is a saying about there are really only 7 stories. Or as a friend once said when she tired of porn, “there are only so many ways s– a C–” so true, so true.

    her preschool is going to start hot lunch on Friday, so that should be exciting.

  6. My ds is the pickiest eater in the free world. He’s better now, but for the first 4 or so years of school, he took the exact same thing for lunch, and I am not exaggerating:
    those nasty orange “cheese/peanut butter crackers”, pretzels, a go-gurt and a bottle of water or for fun a Capri Sun. I was sure they were going to turn me in to CPS, but there was nothing else portable I could get him to eat. I always “confessed” to his teacher to make myself feel better.

  7. Hey Daphne-
    Big fan and a cool (east coast) dad. Love your videos. A lot of my friends with kids get all freaked out about their kids appearing in any videos or photos posted online. Freaked out to the point of being militant about the kids NEVER EVER appearing online in photos or videos. They are apparently worried about “internet creeps” discovering the kids and whatever…

    You don’t seem to have an issue with your daughter (or niece) appearing online and I think you’re probably a really good parent. I kind of want to involve my kids in videos as well, but am worried about how to defend myself at the cul-de-sac. OK, I could really care less about what the neighbors think, but was wondering if YOU ever worry about Vivian being in your vlog posts? Could you please do a video about this? Are my friends too cautious or am I too naive? Thoughts?

    (Didn’t know it was going to turn into “Dear Daphne” did you?)

    A cool (but maybe recklessly unsafe) dad in Boston

  8. I am lovin’ these videos! I hate making lunches, I put it off until the school bus is coming down the street and then I run around the kitchen looking for things to put in my three kids lunches. Sometimes it’s a hot dog bun with butter on it, cut up cucumber, a granola bar I know they won’t even eat, and a can of Diet Coke. Yikes.

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