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I never wanted to be that mom. You know the one, the mom with her car covered in stickers? One or both of the backseat windows of my car is so laden with stickers that daylight no longer streams through. But in the interest of getting Vivien in the car for school without a fit, I let her bring in her Hello Kitty sticker book and today I caught her sticking four stickers on the back window of the car. Now, what do I do, give in and say, “Hehe, I’ve cut my hair and am considering a mini van”? I rarely leave my house, who am I fooling? Is it time to give into the dark side, OR do I rip off the stickers when she is not around? How much does it matter if my Cheerio wagon has one more mess in it?

So, my question for this week is…

4 thoughts on “Stickers On The Window

  1. I can so relate to the life of stickers. I know, I started it….we did stickers for praise when potty training. It took on it’s own life form from there. We do try to keep a time and a place for stickers, albeit, not always successfully. The car isn’t one of them. Neither is the computer screen, the back of my wheelchair, and Lord not the furniture! Some of those blasted things don’t come off! I have the remnants of a foam “R” on the floor by the back door and a “Great Job” star on the floor in the bathroom. They ain’t going nowhere until one day that I fall and land on the floor in their vicinity and hopefully have a razor blade handy. For now, I just mop over them…keeps ’em clean.

  2. I was pretty cool about stickers, but the car window thing is my line in the sand. Yes, they are hard to get off.
    Amy, I know what you mean. those things don’t stick anywhere very I think.

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