Divorcing Friends

Don’t get me wrong, some people should get divorced. When my dad moved out, my sadness was tinged with a great relief! But my knee-jerk reaction to hearing that people with children are divorcing is “DON’T!” I can get kind of Dr. Laura about it. So in this video are a couple of issues in regards to divorce that have hit me recently.

4 thoughts on “Divorcing Friends

  1. joke away!!
    I always admire their blended families. everyone really check their egos at the door. I interviewed Ashton years ago and expected him to be dumb as a door knob, he was not. And I think he was a little tired of people expecting him to be so.

  2. you are so right. (you know me, have to joke, and have typos I am embarrassed to say)

    they are certainly a lesson in amicable divorce, at least on the surface.

    pretty solid career. doesn’t seem so dumb to me.

  3. Cool Mom: As a step-dad and a “real” (biological?) dad there are a couple things I think about when my marriage isn’t going well.

    One is what my step-kids’ dad (wife’s first husband) has to go through to maintain his relationship with his kids. Daily phone calls, weekends just don’t cut it. He also has to put up with some stranger (me) deciding all sorts of things about his kids.

    Another thing is the horrendous rejection, emotional pain and heartache, etc. my step-kids have gone through and will continue to go through. They have to put up with 2 parents and two stepparents and insensitive step grandparents, etc. etc. I would never want to my own son to experience those things.

    It makes the grass on the other side of the fence look pretty brown.

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