Foul Mouth At Work

I had a dream last night that I was in a room with Bill Clinton, and I asked him if he wanted to have a liaison (although in the dream, I said it in a more crude manner). He turned me down! Instead of thinking he had learned his lesson, reinvested in his marriage, and didn’t want to embarrass his wife anymore, I thought, “Oh God, I must really look like hell. I have really let myself look bad if Bill Clinton won’t hit this!”

Sometimes we can see the changes this motherhood thing makes in you, and so many other times, they slowly creep up on you. It even affects how I am at work, hence the need for this vlog about foul language at work.

2 thoughts on “Foul Mouth At Work

  1. Hi Daphne — First off, how great it was to meet you at Dr. Phil’s yesterday! (Like we wereat his bbq.) And your site is great. I’m going to link it to mine. Meantikme, I didn’t know you started out in talk radio. How gutsy! Anyway, keep up the great work and attitude.
    Your NY comrade in arms — Lenore “Free Range Kids” Skenazy

  2. Yeah, Lenore. so glad you wrote. I was scouring your site to look for a contact and couldn’t find. You rock!
    I don’t know about you, but I didn’t even get a picture with him. Will link to you to. 🙂

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