Let’s Talk Fall Fashion Trends

Enough about politics and pregnancy, let’s talk fall trends. I have a tad bit of insight into this from my job co-hosting The Fashion Team on the TV Guide channel.

The Blouse To Have
With a bow or ruffle, it’s lady-like, sophisticated, and can be worn with jeans or a skirt. This blouse is part of the continued trend away from the big A-lines of last year, although on a fat day I loved those big lines.

Jewel Tones
Purple, magenta – have fun with color, saturated color. It is all about solids.

Bushy Brows
Every year there are a few trends I cannot partake in. This is one of them. I hate old pictures of me before I plucked. It may still work for Brooke Shields, but not for me.

Short Boot Shoe

Season two for these monsters. I am not a fan. Thankfully, my faves, the ballet flat, are still in.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Fall Fashion Trends

  1. The short boot is the work of the devil. It looks good on NO ONE. If you are tall and thin, your legs look freakishly skinny and knobby.

    And at 5′ even and 125lbs, I look like one of Santa’s Helpers in them. Please. I address all of you. Do your social duty and reject these vile affronts to human dignity.

    Thank you.

  2. I disagree ladies, I like the short boot shoe. Not with a dress or short skirt, but it’s a nice option for jeans/pants where a taller boot gets uncomfortable. Bought a pair with a stacked heel last season, can’t wait to break them out again soon.

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