Pay Off At The Polls: Results Are In!

Hey, last week I laid out a Presidential poll and then never told you who won the “election.” And I thought the Supreme Court of 2000 was irresponsible!

So here are the results:

Now, of course you can’t have a more unscientific and biased poll than one on a website. I have espoused my pro-choice Democratic leanings here, so I can assume a majority of Cool Mom readers share this opinion – skew #1. What is interesting is that when I looked at the poll at about 4pm the day we posted it, McCain was in the lead by about 10 to 15 percentage points. So there was a late liberal surge, which does reflect the larger electoral trend that conservatives, older people, married people, and working people are more reliable voters.

The only way Obama can win is if he does get people who have never voted, or who rarely vote, to the polls. He has to get what Kerry got and more. That would mean his new registered younguns and every single African American, not to mention every latte-swilling lefty, has to show up, especially since he is losing some of his lead over McCain with women. The voting block that has the ability to push Democrats over the finish line has to be on Obama’s side.

Also, I’m always intrigued by undecideds. If any undecideds want to share why they haven’t decided, or what they still need to see, or if they are sitting this out, I would love to hear that. I understand if there is a lack of enthusiasm since my candidate of choice is no longer in the running. I am still voting, but not in a “whooppee!!! kind of way. But my distaste for the last few years is a huge factor… oh, and there’s that pro-choice thing.

2 thoughts on “Pay Off At The Polls: Results Are In!

  1. Fingers crossed that the new (or better enfranchised?) voters this year will turn out.

    I think that the difference this year is that there is a candidate that many Democrats are legitimately excited about. I dragged my feet to the polls in ’04 to punch in for Kerry, having not mustered up much enthusiasm for him. And no one I knew AT ALL was very enthusiastic for Kerry, either. We were anti-Bush, for sure, but felt no love for our candidate.

    Fast forward to this year: A candidate that a very sizable number of Democrats are crazy for. The lack of enthusiasm from voters who had supported Hillary may be comparable to what I felt back with Kerry, but you have to admit that the people who are pro-Obama are much more numerous and vocal and energized than we *ever* saw with Kerry.

  2. Probably, but my view might be skewed as I did go to Florida worked for Kerry Campaign and cried when he lost. I think I felt things were even more dire then. At least now even my GOP dad doesn’t defend Bush, in ’04 lots still loved him. And I was never a momma for Obama. ( though guess i am now, by default)

    Also, both sides seem to have enthusiasm now. Nail biter.

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