Empty Room Syndrome

So, the house we recently moved into is the only house I have ever owned (I’ve had condos, and I still have one of those money pits, but that’s another story). It’s only the second place I’ve ever lived where I had a dining room. So I was really excited to create a grand, almost theatrical space. We eat in the kitchen or on the back porch most of the time, but I envisioned the dining room to be a place for special occasions, for adults to gather while the kids are out back.

Note the wallpaper: it’s from England, it was pricey, it took months to arrive. The china hutch is Heywood Wakefield, which I have collected for years (I found this piece for a good price on craigslist); inside it is my wedding china. My wedding china! Don’t I get a room that is befitting my wedding china? Doesn’t a woman who waited to get married get to have the dining room of her dreams?

Apparently not.

3 thoughts on “Empty Room Syndrome

  1. That is my house..

    finally I bought a gorgeous antique dining set and since it was in an estate sale of a friend’s relative who had passed away. I told my husband that it was “given” to us by the family. Which, in all honesty, she gave it to me.. I just had to pay her for it…

    Yeah, I can pretty it up, but I totally lied, on the high note though my dining room is phenomenal!!

    I won’t even embarrass myself with how I decorated my living room or bedroom the way it is.. I’ve said too much already!

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