I Hate My Haircut

Despite my earlier excitement, I now hate my haircut. It was so cute the first two weeks, but now:

  1. I can’t style it right.
  2. The Armenian lady at Fantastic Sams can’t style it, either.
  3. And this blowout, post root-job, isn’t working.


The layers need to be more flipped-out, in an old Meg Ryan kind of way, for it to work. This just makes me feel like a dumpy mom. I’m going to grow it out.


7 thoughts on “I Hate My Haircut

  1. I soooooo feel your pain. I went last Sat to get highlights and thought I was treating myself to a trim when I said “ok just take it up to my shoulders and a few layers.” Then SURPRISE!! it was the shortest I’ve ever had my hair. When I pull it into a ponytail all I get are sprouts sticking out. Thats if I can even pull it back!!! Its the same cut you received. I tried to keep it together upon leaving but it was hard. With a wild-boy 2 year old when do I have time to take a shower let alone “blow out” my hair and style it super sexy!??!?! And like you, for the life of me I can’t figure out how it looked so good when I left the damn place!!!!

    All I know is that pregnancy is supposed to make your hair/nails grow super fast, right?!?!?!? RIGHT!?!??!!? lol I’m praying by Christmas the dumpy will fade away and it will be fab again. 😉

  2. Umm… don’t even get me started on the accidental mullet I got last month. It’s finally growing out, but I felt like I was back in the eighth grade with this big poofy thing going on on top and over my ear and the back just sort of doing something else. With enough blow power and spray, it’s been manageable. Unless, of course, you add any sort of precipitation in the air, which has been, like, DAILY!

    I think next time, I’m going to talk less. I think I distracted my stylist with all my yammering. She’s usually awesome. Or maybe she just needed her meds…

  3. I so feel your pain. I went to cut my hair two weeks ago – I walked in with photos and an exact idea of what I wanted: a short, angled bob, with a little texture on the sides, low-maintenance because I have no time or inclination for daily styling above 2 minutes.
    What did I get? A medium-length (I hate medium length, it’s the most indecisive and blah!) cut that’s too long to be a bob and on top of it the girls went razor happy on my wavy, enough-hair-on-one-heard-for-3-people hair and now I have to straighten it daily in order to make it look half decent. Grrrr!

  4. Thanks Becky.
    It’s not a bad cut, but maybe I’m hormonal, I know I am, but it’s not singing to me.
    I look at pictures of Viv as a baby and I had my long hair, okay the ends did need to be cut, but otherwise I liked it.

    I am thinking it will grow quicker with my super preg vitamins I’m taking, right?
    It’s so universal the bad, or unsatisfying haircut. I liked this gal, but after 2 weeks feels like it loses its funky fun. At least she is reasonable. There are people in LA and NY who charge 300- 500 dollars for a haircut! Flipping ridiculous. For that price I want them to come and style it once a week.

    oh, and I had a mullet once too.

  5. Oh boy, I feel the same way you do! I just stumbled on this page! My hairdresser cuts my hair this way and tells me how it is “totally me”! Ugh! What is with this haircut? I want my Meg Ryan hair back. This is not messy enough; it’s just so sleek and my husband keeps looking at me and telling me how much he likes it! Your cut looks way more trendy than mine, it does look good on you.

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