The Upside of Pregnancy Poll

We hear a lot about the hardship of pregnancy. Weird rashes (me), morning sickness (me, but really afternoon sickness), constant urination (me), if my husband doesn’t jump to get me something I bite his head off (me), backache (me, in the later months), waddle walk (yes, me again). But there was a lot I liked about being pregnant with Vivien and that I am getting into now with this pregnancy – or rather, there’s a lot I need to be reminded of as my girth increases (18 weeks). So tell me what you liked about being pregnant. Some sample ideas below.

Thanks, sisters!

8 thoughts on “The Upside of Pregnancy Poll

  1. Folks are a little easier on you at work. You have to do something REALLY awful for anyone to “yell” at you. Basically you can get away w/ murder b/c no one wants to be the person who made the pregnant lady cry @ work. I am seriously scared now to go back to work (maternity leave ends in two weeks… GAH) and I wonder how long I can milk the “don’t yell at me, I just had a baby” thing.

  2. Because of complications with different birth controls after I had my first baby I bled for 6 months. You learn to cherish those 3 weeks out of the month, and those 8-9 glorious months you’re pregnant. Morning sickness and peeing 30 times a day doesn’t even compare to a never-ending period.

  3. What I liked the most about being pregnant ( I was pregnant with twins) is being out of work for 5 whole months. And, of course not having a period.

  4. less work, or nice work and no blood. I’m sensing a theme here. I’m with you.
    here in California I gained a greater respect for the Hispanic culture. No one was nicer to me when I was pregnant and a new mom then the Latino men working in cafes and such. if there wasn’t a seat available they would go in the back and find one for me . An appreciation of the mom.

  5. I loved how everyone was always offering to help me do everything. I could be lazy and they would wait on me hand and foot, lol.

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