Weddings Ruin Friendships

Be aware, you are about to see a radical view of weddings here. I had my legal wedding in my living room, with 10 people. Fourteen months later, I had the big blowout variety, with 120 people. So I think that’s what started me thinking of this. That, and my own cynical attitude at others’ weddings. Tell me what you think.

7 thoughts on “Weddings Ruin Friendships

  1. I’m amazed my friends are still friends with me after my wedding 15 years ago. They were so supportive and I’m afraid I was much too liberal in my “delegating” to them. I think I did too much “ordering” and not enough “asking.”

  2. I do agree with you but with a few alternative ideas. When you are asked to be in a wedding you have to really ask yourself the probability of your being friends with this person for the long term. I say this because first, you are going to be asked to shell out a TON of money for this event for everything from dress, shoes, jewelry, handbags, etc and then on top of that you might be asked to pitch in for the shower and definitely for the bachlorette party. The bride never buys her own drinks and they DO add up, believe me. Then guess what, after all the gooey wonderfulness and warm fuzziness of the day, you hardly hear from this awesome friend who honored you by being asked to be in the wedding. Huh? What just happened there?

    I am so happy that I am older now and all my friends’ weddings are over and done with for the most part. They other sucky things about being in weddings is that in addition to all the expense involved, some of the brides can be total bridezillas which was the case of my sister’s wedding. OMG, what a nightmare. We all took serious verbal abuse on the big day due to her horrible attitude and her nerves, I suppose. She and her husband actually got in a fight on their wedding day b/c he smashed cake in her face and she told him NOT to do that before hand. Get a sense of humor, I say!

    I totally agree about the pushing away, part too. It is sad, but in today’s world we are so scattered across the country and so busy with our immediate families lives that a lot of times we do all get together for weddings and funerals. Everyone means well and we all talk of more frequent visits after the wedding but it rarely happens. Weddings are sort of a microcosm of life in general to me. Boy, this is a long comment – sorry! LOL

  3. Totally agree! I personally think weddings are so over-rated. I much prefer the idea of celebrating the marriage vs. the wedding! Of which, tomorrow we celebrate our 14th anniversary! Yeah us!

  4. I hate the cake smash in face thing too.. have to say. And I did pay for drinks. I think if you can’t have an open bar, elope.
    Yes, I’m already looking forward for the to have a party on my 5 year. should be thin again by then.

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