Guess Who’s On Dr. Phil!

I’m thinking of starting my own cable show called “My Life On The G-List” (I wish I were D-list). Anyway, when you are on the G-list, once in a while you get a cool glimpse into the A-list life. Such was my experience on Dr. Phil. Watch it Monday. I have to say, as much as one can make cracks about the syndicated dynasties like Dr. Phil, he actually gave very good advice and the right take on the show I was on. But when you watch this, you’ll see that Dr. Phil was holding out on me.

7 thoughts on “Guess Who’s On Dr. Phil!

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  2. I am so going to write to Dr. Phil and complain that we didnt get to hear more from you.. and of course that you didnt get any cookies.
    Can’t wait to see it.

  3. Hi: I watched/heard you on Dr. Phil and I agree and disagree with what you said. I agree with how our parents told us to “go outside and play” and we didn’t come back until it was getting dark. Or when I was growing up at the cottage in the summer, Mom would only see us for lunch and dinner, as we’d put our bathing suits on in the a.m. and entertain ourselves for the day.

    What I disagree wth is that times have changed and because of the pedophiles and other disurbed people out there I wouldn’t let my youngster (if I had one) go out in these days/times unless they stayed in the backyard or played on the street in front of the house.

    Just the other day I watched “48 Hours” where this “seemingly okay” pizza manager (who the owner and neighbours thought was an ideal citizen) had kidnapped that 12 year old boy (Shawn Braunbeck, can’t recall the exact name) and was held hostage, sexually assaulted for 4-1/2 years until this “sicko” decided to kidnap the 2nd boy of 11 and had him captive for 2 weeks until the police found them. And this was in a small town where people thought they were safe. Just last night I saw on the news in another small town that a 14 y.o. girl, a minister’s daughter was walking in the woods and was sexually assaulted and murdered.

    There’s a lot ot sick people out there who have no regard for our children’s innocence and take them for their own pleasure.

    Then there’s Jon Benet Ramsey and Elizabeth Smart and when my son was growing up, Adam (can’t recall the last name) but his dad is now doing his damndest to put these criminals behind bars.

    Anyways, I was so disappointed with your comments, but the reality is, and it’s sad to say, but you and I are no longer living in an age/place where we are as safe as we were as children. I’m 54 and we use to be able to leave our homes/cars unlocked when I was growing up.

    As Dr. Phil says “what are you thinking”?


  4. I would like to see some statistics. Has there been a legitimate rise in child abductions, or is there just significanlty more coverage of this type of activity in our always hungry-for-a-tragedy news media?

    There have been good people and BAD people since the dawn of time. I suspect we are much more aware of these terrible stories now than our parents were in the 60’s and 70’s.

    Sure I am going to make sure the backyard is a safe environment, but I do think kids grow and learn so much more when they are left alone to make their own mistakes and discoveries.

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