Gross Bathrooms

Mama is looking pregnant now!

Here’s one of the hidden secrets of parenthood: Gross bathrooms. Kind of like how no one told me I was going to bleed for a week after delivery. Funny, when the glossy magazines are going on about the “celebrity baby boom,” blood and filth in public restrooms seems to be missing from the “I love being a mom” PR spin.

7 thoughts on “Gross Bathrooms

  1. Gah, hot button!! I have,now, turned my car into grand changing station. If I were a gutsier woman I would go to the front counter and pop her up there, because I have no other semi-sanitary place to change a diaper.

    Business owners – it’s 2008 put a koala in, for godsake!!
    I’ll bring the changing pad, you just get me a place to lay my child’s butt.

  2. thanks Leah! nice to be visibly pregnant, not just maybe dumpy.
    I advocated for my husband to have a changing table in his restaurant after many years of them not having one. I’m the Norma Rae of changing tables.

  3. I once had to change my daughter’s diaper on the floor of an airport bathroom because the only diaper changing station was in a special family bathroom which someone had locked themselves in. I was also pregnant and the whole situation made me dry heave.

  4. I have actually perfected the changing my daughter while sitting on the toilet with my left leg ankle crossed over my right leg knee, making a triangular “table” of sorts to place her — it’s getting awkward now that she’s almost 3 though!!!

  5. Seriously we need to start some sort of movement! I’m sick of going places and there is no changing tables! Hello! Mommy’s travel too! It is the one thing that pisses me off more than anything! Oh, and lets not forget….putting one in the men’s room too! Sometimes Mommy’s need a break! Lol. I love my husband…he is always willing to change our babies when we are out…but he’s always like “sorry no changing table.” Help us out world. I resort to changing my daughter in the stroller. That is my back up plan! And if that doesn’t work…the car. LOL.

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