Like Father, Like Daughter

Since Vivien has co-starred in many of my vlogs (akin to my chosen profession as a TV host and performer) I thought it was only fair that she take a whirl in her dad’s world. Vivien loves visiting her dad at work and her oldest brother is studying to be a chef. So this birthday it was all about the kitchen.

My mom is good for a big present so I hunted for the best mini-kitchen I could find. The cutest are the kitchens from Pottery Barn Kids, but they cost more than my first car. Then there is the plastic molded variety. Good price but they lack some soul. So Aunt Mom, as she is called, was happy when I found this play kitchen from KidKraft.

This was a moment I was really glad I am not a single mom because it took Mark the better part of a day to assemble the kitchen. But it is so cute!  For me, the kitchen is too hot…

Outfit courtesy of my friend Melissa.

5 thoughts on “Like Father, Like Daughter

  1. We gave my daughter a kitchen from Santa last Christmas and we said, “how hard can this be?” So we started around 11 pm or so and 3 or 4 hours later we had it done enough to please a 18 month old .. so we called it a night.

    So cute though and she loves it. Viv looks toooo cute in that outfit.. I’ll have to get Cecilia a chef’s outfit as well.

  2. I love the name too. I promised my grandpa, Cecil, when I was 4 that if I had a girl I would name her Cecilia. So badabing – wish he could have met her!

    Do you know where Melissa got the outfit?

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