Mom Politics

Moms are supposed to be our buddies, but they can also vibe us and bug us. When I was pregnant with Vivien I asked Mark, “What’s the worst part about being a parent?” since he already had three kids. I was sure he would say, lack of sleep, no privacy, things like that. He surprised me when he said, “Other parents.”

One thought on “Mom Politics

  1. Heh, up for some good ol’ 2am breastfeeding here and thought I’d check out your site.

    Well, a woman in a playgroup gave me good advice- empower your kid!
    So, a year ago Jake (my 4 year old creampuff) got knocked down HARD by some brutal 2 year old girl. Yes, I used ‘brutal’ to describe a female toddler! Well, he smacked his head on pavement pretty hard after she pushed him off a toy at a playground. The mom of this playground perp looked at me like”bring it on”. It was not brought, or brung or nuthin’! What to do? Sit and take it? Scold a stranger’s kid? So my sage playgroup guru Christy said “go tell Jake to tell that little girl ‘No pushing, pushing is not nice'” Well I did. And he did! And he felt much better for confronting her. Now he has a baby brother and is becoming a snitch, but that’s another story!

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