Hurting Your Kid, Part 2

When I accidentally harm my child, as I did in this tale, my self-esteem could not go lower. This is my second installment in what I hope is NOT an ongoing series.

Is my equilibrium off? As a result of this fall, my wrist still hurts, and typing is painful.  So, I’ve kept this short.

9 thoughts on “Hurting Your Kid, Part 2

  1. I accidentally hurt my kid this morning too. But it was a different type of situation!! We’ve been having a hard time getting him to focus and pay attention, so this morning when I was explaining to him what he needed to turn in to his teacher today, he lost interest and focused on something else and placed his hands on an item (it was an empty coffee tub). So I quickly attempted to startle him and slammed my hand down on what I thought was just the lid of the tub…but I caught his finger in the process, and I’m thinking either the edge of the lid or his own nail caught his finger which resulted in blood! I feel terrible! My own attention getting action backfired!

  2. You said it…I feel like a big ASSHOLE!!

    Thanks for the parental support…it’s actually ironic that this was your post today, because I was trying to figure out how to get this off my chest, and I didn’t want to blog about it…so this helped a lot!

  3. It must have been the day for mom-oops. I was trying to be funny and playing peek -a- boo with a toy and a box and she went for the toy right as I slammed the lid down. Which of course left her little tiny finger bleeding.. Clumsy Moms Unite!!

    Yes, being pregnant makes you the world’s punching bag.

  4. Once when my first was little, not quite 18 months old yet, I was getting ready to put her in the car. She was standing next to the car, patiently waiting to be put in, and I swung the car door open and smacked her with it! She of course got knocked right over and just bawled. I felt awful.

  5. You know, one of my favorite episodes of Mad About You was one where Jamie was something like 11 months pregnant and she’d quit her job and was super bored. So Paul asked his two friends, these two guys, if Jamie could help them set up their brand new coffee shop to get her mind off the baby and give her something to do. Turns out at near the end of the episode Jamie has broken nearly EVERYTHING in the coffee shop b/c she’s such a klutz.

    Personally, I remember that after about month 6 I couldn’t get through the day w/o finding food stains on my clothing. Somehow I lost the ability to get food into my mouth w/o sloshing it everywhere else… Enjoy! :)

  6. fer sure!! i was the BIGGEST clutz EVER while pregnant, and to boot, whenever i got stressed i’d have a massive nose bleed (which never happens to me, except when pregnant). so i was falling, tripping, dropping things, and then suddenly in the midst of my embarrassment, i’d feel a trickle on my upper lip. for goodness sake… i was a mess. eeeeek!

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