4 thoughts on “What A Relief

  1. There’s hope! My kids are 9, 7 and 5 now. I actually took a nap the other day while they watched a movie! I am listening to these amazing meditation tapes–instrumentals–part of the Synchronicity series. You all should try it. The music matches your right brain waves to get you straight to relaxed! Whitney

  2. Don’t worry Daphne–you are about to discover the secret that first time mothers don’t realize–the second child is MUCH EASIER than the first!! In fact, you are going to find that dealing with an infant is actually the simplest thing you ever have to do! They only want like three things: eat, sleep, be changed. You are going to look at them and look at your toddler having a meltdown/running around/breaking things/demanding playtime/demandingstorytime/refusing to eat what you want them to eat/and the list goes on and on; and you are going to ask yourself “why did I think this was so hard the first time around?”

    We all do–when I had number 2 and I realized that all they really do is sleep all day, I couldn’t believe that the first time around I felt like I could barely brush my teeth and change out of my jammies in a day! It’s amazing what a little perspective will do!


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