Cool Mom Poll: Are You Recessed?

The economic downturn is on everyone’s minds. But is that because we are hearing about it, because we see some signs of it, or because we are directly affected by it? I have noticed many small shops near me go out of business. Several clothing boutiques, specialty stores, and nice stationary businesses closing their doors – those are the kinds of things people spend money on when they are not worried about basics.

I know a couple of people who have been laid off, and my husband’s business has seen some nicks in sales. But, knock on wood, we haven’t taken a big hit. That’s partly because I refuse to look at my 401k; I won’t need for a few more years, so why torture myself? We locked in our loan right before the bacon hit the skillet so phew to that.

What I want to know is, how are all of you doing? How is this economic downturn affecting you?

Given this is not the end of the problem, we might need to revisit this poll soon…

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4 thoughts on “Cool Mom Poll: Are You Recessed?

  1. My dh is in the car business and the car business stinks right now. He is actually in the parts business, and logic would make you think we would be doing better…you know fixing instead of buying new. He says w/ gas prices through the roof people are driving less and driving slower which equals less wrecks wh/ means less money for him. We actually got rid of one of our cars to scale back and we are eating out less, etc.
    We are tying knot and hanging on!

  2. My husband is a photographer and I have a direct sales job. Both are luxury items and so far we have not seen a drop. As a matter of fact our sales increase with the Christmas season. We are also blessed by the community we live in. We live in a military town and the military can (not always) have more of a disposable income. With the majority of our clients working in the military in some shape or form we seem to be doing OK.

    We also have four kids and feeding them can be a chore. I have already learned how to make the grocery dollar stretch and I have had to make it stretch more but so far its not too bad.

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