Lollipop Tree

Here’s a mommy dilemma: when do you crash your kid’s sweet imagination, and when do you let it ride? Vivien has really enjoyed gardening with her dad. We have tomatoes, strawberries, herbs and lemons. When we planted the lemon trees, it gave Viv an idea of another kind of tree she wants.

I’m thinking of how to rig it…

7 thoughts on “Lollipop Tree

  1. What if you “quizzed” her on the types of things that people plant and grow? Have her compare the differences between seeds and lollipops and “assist” her in coming to the decision that perhaps lollipops don’t grow after all?!?!? It could be a “learning” process for both of you!!

  2. That’s a great idea Tanzie. I love to have fun with this kind of stuff, especially at this age just to go with the imagination and let the juices flow. Perhaps you could get a template of a decent size leaf and glue or tape the lollipops on each leaf then tie it through a hole punch and string to some sticks. Either plant in the ground or a pot. Daphne, is there an email address and I’ll send you a pic of my son and his “family tree” we did together. It was super cool.

  3. I am with Kelley! Fake a tree! It’ll be sweet and someday when she is all grown up, it would be a really cute/funny story to tell her future husband. Take lots of pictures of it… someday it will be a very sweet memory. I just think that is adorable.

  4. Good ideas from everyone.. I tend to sway toward telling her a lollipop tree doesn’t grow in the ground and then go buy a lollipop tree and fill it. They sell them all over.. a tree with little holes in it. But Kudos to her for wanting to share. Absolutely priceless and adorable.

    On another note, you looked and sounded fab on Dr. Phil. I caught it late night on another station tonight. Bravo!

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