Trolling For Mom Friends

Along with the miracle and wonder of children comes BOREDOM. Especially while they are nonverbal. Gosh, the pattern of your life can start to melt from one day to the next. So, that’s when I started to cast about for any kind of groups or classes. At 2 months we did Itsy Bitsy Yoga; basically a few socially starved moms were led through gentle exercises with their baby. We would roll our kids around, kiss their tummy, and do other stuff like that.The gym was walking distance from my house, which was a real bonus since my kid screamed her head off every time she was in the car. This did not end until we could turn her seat around.

Here I am at a My Gym, talking about this lonely mom thing.

5 thoughts on “Trolling For Mom Friends

  1. oh daph, you brought me back to that time in my life. we used to laugh and say that you would hang with people that you would never think of being friends with if their kids played with yours.

    a bit disorienting, but looking back it really broadened my friendship horizons.

    ok, not going to lie, happy to be back amongst the bit peops. come to think if it, now i like to hang with my kids’ friends…

  2. how do you do it? you manange to hit the essence of new mommyhood ALL THE FREAKIN TIME!

    my husband scratches his head (and his ass) trying to figure me out, so THANK GOD i can just forward your videos to him.

    you’ve saved me a lot of huffing and puffing. 😉

  3. I could totally use one of these in my town. Our gymnastics center only cares about training athletes, and they’re constantly insulting us for simply being homeschoolers who are free during our days.

    I’m dropping out this month (reluctantly), because three years in and they STILL don’t appreciate our business, weekly “open gym” was my “all-aged group” staple! Plus, they overcharged us, for mediocre training.


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