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  1. It’s been my experience that they send their kid to preschool anyway. I can think of at least three times I’ve walked into the classroom with my (healthy) daughter and seen a kid vomit on the circle-time rug. My daughter takes a sick day then.

  2. OK – third video with Vivien in the same dress – I have to comment. My 2 1/2 year old also lives in her Target “princess dress.” Love it (and the blog too). My husband and I both work full time and what to do with a sick toddler is a big issue – luckily, I have a family friendly office – but that means 9 time out of 10 mommy stays home (not daddy).

  3. AT this age I think she can pretty much dress herself. Unless it’s a special occasion. She got this dress for her bday and likes to wear it to bed and keep it on the next day. It’s washed and then a day later, back on.

    It does usually fall to mom doesn’t it? Nice your work is sensitive.

  4. I have two kids (9 and 16 m/o), my husband is in the military and is deployed or gone all. the. time. and I tried to keep working my full time job at a law firm until last year. It all got to be too much. Between one or the both of them getting sick, husband being gone the majority of the time and me being by myself, I had to call in sick frequently. My employer started asking me to bring my work home with me (which was fine) but it didn’t take long for me to burn out.

    Both our families and any blood relatives we have live at least a day away from us so family was never an option to dish the kids to.

    But it is a dilemma on what to do when kids get sick and both parents work. You nailed one of the many million dollar questions dealing with motherhood. Because like Lisa said, my husband never was the one to stay home if he was home. There was always one reason or another why his time at work was more valuable than mine. This was certainly fuel to my burn out.

    Needless to say, you did the right thing by keeping your sweet daughter home. I would’ve done the same thing. Working or not. But I agree with you…I can see why some people do send their kids to school sick. Sometimes they just have no choice!

  5. Both of my parents worked, so if we were too sick to go to school, we had to go to work with our parents. I thought it was a pretty sweet deal when I was a kid because my mom had a little IKEA tent she’d set up in her office & I’d just play & hang out. But now that I’m working & there’s this one guy who brings his kids in all the time when they’re sick & it gets everyone else sick, looking back I feel pretty bad for all of my mom’s coworkers!

  6. We are extremely lucky that my in-laws live close-by (well most days I will say we are lucky..). When our daughter is sick, I can usually count on my mother-in-law to be available to watch her (her only grandchild). She has saved me countless times from having to take off work and stay home with her, although some days I would just like to stay home too because we both have been up all night and I am exhausted. I have been the one to stay home or take time off for doctor’s appointments. I dealt with this more when she was an infant and toddler as I was (still am sometimes) a helicopter mommy (you know, hovering all the time!). I have dialed this behavior back alot since she is now in middle school, but the tendencies are still there when she doesn’t feel good.

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