Cool Mom Poll: Husbands That Bug

Even the best, best husbands can set your teeth on edge sometimes – just like a roommate, but harder to evict. Most women will roll their eyes about their man once in a while. It’s always weird to me when a woman NEVER rags on her husband. Instead of thinking they have a perfect union, I think, “What is she hiding?”

It’s just human nature: our kids, our best friends, that fat guy who banged his car door into mine at Target – everyone bugs everyone at some point.

So, what is your chief beef with your partner (man or woman)? What is the one thing that bothers you a tad more than all the other annoyances?

Here are your choices… remember, you have until 5:00 pm, Thursday, October 16, 2008:

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10 thoughts on “Cool Mom Poll: Husbands That Bug

  1. I’m blessed that none of these apply.
    It makes me wonder how you came to choose these four particular, ahem, traits.
    Mine is half deaf but won’t have it treated so I’m always repeating what I or others say or consoling a crying baby because the TV is too loud. But he’s a great cook and a loving husband so I’m just sucking it up!

  2. I also have to say none of the above. The thing that bugs me the most is he cannot multi task to save his life. We moms are non stop multi taskers but my husband can only focus on one thing at a time. Also, you send him to the store or out to get food with a list and he still comes home with the wrong items. It’s on the list. How can you screw that up? Every. Single. Time. Sometimes I think he does it just to piss me off. Since those are my chief complaints, I’d say I’m doing pretty good here. He’s a good guy. He puts up with me. I’m lucky.

  3. None of them applied to me either, but I can tell you my biggest beef with my husband is too much work!! He’s a programmer so that means work doesn’t have to end when daddy gets home, its just as easy to plop down on a chair in sweats and a T and open up that laptop. Other wise he’s really sweet and caring and a great listener…when he’s not working.

  4. hmmm thought I wrote ” that this picture is from a moment of totally loving my husband. Nothing like daddy’s and daughters.” guess it didn’t come through.

  5. I don’t think it would really work if there were major differences in appetites. That’s why I’m all for sex before marriage. A really honest and open relationship will reveal things to consider before saying, “I do.”
    6 children vs 0 children, sex for procreation vs swinging on the chandelier for public access tv, Felix vs Oscar, spender vs saver, and my favorite: elephant vs donkey. Forget sex. If I can’t talk to hubby about politics without risking a blowout everytime, I’d go out of my mind!
    Love your site Daphne!

  6. I love my husband. I love my life. But I’m at a point in my life (mid-30’s) where sex is for (a) nights when I’ve had too much wine or (b) reproduction. I just don’t have the energy for sex every night, every other night or every third night. I need to clean the kitchen, catch up on The Rachel Zoe Project, get a head start on my latest book or just fall asleep. Am I a bad wife?

  7. Erin, you are a wife period. NORMAL. I did a vlog about this married sex vs. single sex. it sums it up for me. And I was a borderline nympho.
    Monique, clever stuff. love the public access line!

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