Please, No More Autographs

Well, now that Ringo Starr has announced he will no longer accept autograph requests, I think it’s the perfect time to say I have been dying to make this announcement, as well. Since I am a basic cable superstar, I have been inundated with requests for my time, advice, and even 8×10’s. It has gotten to the point where I receive these requests almost twice a year and I am crushed by the demand. Please, people, I am a mother, and an expectant one at that!  Since my Dr. Phil appearance, granted, I only received one email, but it was when Vivien needed her nap and I thought I might be having a Braxton Hicks, and I was trying to zone out with a People Magazine as I headed toward the can.  So please, give a girl a break.

Imagine how poor besieged Ringo must feel? Let alone Paul McCartney. I feel sorry for him, really.

My only question is, “What the hell is Ringo so busy with?”

6 thoughts on “Please, No More Autographs

  1. Well ever since the Dr. Phil show I have been checking out our vlogs every single day with my 5 month old, Micah. I’m addicted, I must say. You crack me up sometimes and I can relate with so much that you talk about. After all the vlogs about “mommy friends” and wishing I had some as well, I’ve come to realize that THIS website and watching you chat is about the closest thing I have to a mommy friend! So yay Dr. Phil for introducing me to my first mommy friend (even if she doesn’t know it yet!).

  2. Karoline, bless your heart. Thank you so much.
    The virtual friend element was a main reason I wanted to start doing vlogs. That and I was burnt on doing stand up at night away from my daughter in gross places. Needed another kind of creative outlet.
    Glad to be your “friend”. You are in the prime “please someone talk to me stage”. When Micah is a bit older and you can take her to classes and such it will get better.

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