Baby Has Me In Training

I don’t know if it’s my general anxiety or my full bladder, but sleep has become a tad restless lately. Seeing that I’m only 21 weeks pregnant, I think it’s too early for this. But this is the third morning in a row that I am waking up at 5 am, unable to go back to sleep.

From 5 to 6 I have to lay and worry about everything and everyone. Or work up some dormant anger about some past slight. Having some time before the house wakes up is okay. I make my one cup of coffee for the day – a sweet half-cup before I’m forced to switch to decaf. Then I take a walk, read the paper, watch the news, space out online, but dang, I’d sure like more sleep.

I think the baby is nudging me to remember what it will be like when he arrives. No longer the leisure life of a kid in preschool, but growling at my husband if he doesn’t help with the 11 and 2 feedings. Oh, yes, I know what’s coming. Breathe in “miracle of life,” breathe out “someone will care when I die.” I must stay focused on the important things, not that disabled feeling for the first couple of weeks, or months, or year and a half.

If only I could take a sleeping pill!

8 thoughts on “Baby Has Me In Training

  1. I have two magic words for you: Pregnancy Pillow.

    Normally people will think that this pillow only help physically, but let me tall you something , the felling of comfort go all over including that crazy hormones up and down. You are just nesting …. crazy, neurotic, paranoid, but nesting, If you think that the fist time was bad… second time is more because is guilty in just think how you going to divide yourself in between two kids. And list go on and on and on ….

    good luck!

  2. Ok, I went through the same thing and this is what worked for me… Penn Gillette’s (of Penn and Teller fame) podcasts. I slipped in my ear buds and listened to him talk on and on about being a Libertarian or this or that and it lulled me right to sleep withing about 10 minutes. It gives your mind something to think about other than all the things that seem so horrific at 5 a.m.

  3. I had the samp problem with my second, everything came sooner, the sleepless nights, the back aches. I had an amazing pregnancy pillow that helped a lot.

    You are more than 1/2 way through now. Good luck and try to get whatever sleep you can.

    Wishing you a sleep filled night!

  4. No.. no no… what you thinking is in a boyfriend pillow, pregnancy pillows come in different shapes but the idea is support in your neck, back, belly and in between legs. All that at ones! Take few minutes to get the “engineer” about how work ,but after that your husband will be jealous for how much pleasure you are getting. They are not super cheap,but is a “investment”, plus is great for breastfeeding.

    Another trick? (this is part of be pregnant: unsolicited advises!!) Get back to basis; a eye sleep mask, just spray something yummy, like lavender and that would make you calm.

    Is also something call “pregnancy mattress” is pretty much a air mattress whit a hole in the middle, is to close to the floor so stand up is a problem and is around 200$, but if you are a face down sleeper this is pretty much you last hope.

    Here is a few sites

  5. Angie, that is one funny tip!

    I should do a vlog about the preg pillow I had with Vivien. It trapped toward the end so I couldn’t get out of bed. Interesting that stuff comes sooner. thanks

  6. My pregnancy pillow eventually got named by my husband — it took up so much room in the bed (and me with it) that he used to complain it was like having another guy that I was spooning with in between us. So after a while, he’d just say, “where’s Ralph?” 😉

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